I was looking through some of my study notes from the past.  I always make a stop when Bathsheba’s notes show up.

If you want to read the scriptural background, here is what I have written down.

2 Sam. 11:2,3; 12:24

1 Kings 1:11-31; 2:13-19; 1 Chron. 3:5

BATHSHEBA…..means Daughter of an Oath.

Wife of Uriah.  Wife of David.

Mother of 5 sons.

Mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy:  Matt. 1:6

1 Kings 15:5.  The sin of David with Bathsheba was the only blot against his record.

After Bathsheba’s lapse, recovery and birth of Solomon the rest of her life was veiled in silence. She retained her influence over David until his death.  The veil of silence was released one more time when Solomon had become King and she came into his presence to ask that Abishag be given in marriage to Adonijah.

Lesson to Learn.  Being assured of God’s forgiveness she did not let one sin ruin her life.  Repentant she used her mistake as a guide to a better conduct.

When we brood over sins that God says “He will remember no more”, we actually doubt His mercy and rob ourselves of spiritual power and progress.

Psalm 51.  Saturated with penitential tears.

Psalm 32:  David’s gratitude to God for His pardoning grace and mercy.

Question.  Did Bathsheba’s tears of repentance mingle with David’s?  It seems so because God gave “them” Solomon.  Solomon means Beloved of the Lord. Solomon was the evidence and expression of God’s pardoning love for “both“.

I believe Bathsheba’s inclusion in the genealogy of Jesus (Matt. 1) was another token that God put her sins behind His back.

As per the “Lesson to Learn” above. This reminds me that I must never settle for wallowing around in what was or in what I did.  It is not so much the idea of how I “begin“, rather, how I “end“.  It is that way for you too!!

FOOD for THOT:  Don’t cry over the past.  For you it’s halftime in the locker room, and the coach is saying, “GO ON OUT.  THE GAME’S NOT OVER YET” !!!!!!!


In His Hands….. Marge



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