Okay You CANADIANS…..Gloat

This morning my mail carrier brought THE PACKAGE to my door.  I knew you would get a kick out of it.  The RED RIVER Cereal arrived.  The first part of the week the little dbl. boiler arrived.


Additional bit of funny stuff – I have a station that plays easy listening music 24/7, with no voices and no ads and as I was getting this print over to the blog, they were playing “An Affair to Remember”.  Ah yes!  An Affair to Remember with Red River Cereal!!  lol

When we first moved to Tempe, Loren’s Managing Director of Humphrey Products Ltd., sent us two boxes of it.  When Arnold and Lully visited us the first time, we had that for breakfast the first morning of their visit with us.  We all laughed.  Yes.  We did.  Now I am the only one left to “laugh”.

About the time Red River arrived, I was getting a new policy.  We had had a Supplemental all of our years here in the Valley.  But I have decided to go with an HMO.  Why not!!  It will be okay.  Then to top that, all who have Medicare Cards have received new ones.  Medicare is required by law to take Social Security Numbers off of Medicare cards.  Safety purposes. Every single senior has a “new” card.  So I will be beginning 2019 in some new ways.  Let’s hope there won’t be too many other “news” to come my way.

Well, all is well on the war front here.  Have a good rest of the day and weekend too.



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