Nostalgic Moments – do you ever have them!

I hope you do.  They have hit me several times during the past few days. The holiday season is almost in full bloom. One of our Thrift Stores has a huge display that is up the year around. Lovely to go to.  Lovely to purchase from when there is no crowd around it.

Today I went to Walmart and enjoyed getting some holiday paper plates, treats, decorations for outdoors and simply enjoying the hint of the holiday season.

I happened by the Miss Debbie treats.  Every year at Christmas time I gave (and now I mail) a package of her Christmas trees to my g’son.  No.  I never get a note or a call from him but I know  when he receives them there is always – one time each year, for one moment in time, he will remember when it was a different time ….. a different era ….. now a time to grasp for one precious moment a memory before returning to the rat race of 2018.

I was recently reading that the Pew Research Center has done some new guidelines as to the generations.  Here they are.

The Silent Generation:  1928-1945. 73-90 years.

Baby Boomers: 1946-1964. 54-72 years.

Generation X: 1965-1980. 38-53 years.

Millennials:  1981-1996. 22-37 years.

Post-Millennials. 1997-present.  0-21.

The oldest of the Post Millennial members would have been 10 when the iPhone was introduced.  But then a lot of the Millennials might still remember the land lines, the touch tone phones and even the rotary phone.

Apparently the new Millennial cut off of 1996 is important because it points to a generation that is old enough to have experienced and comprehend 9/11.  As well, the computer became a new way of life for Millennials.

The Silent Generation is almost gone now.  I am a part of it.  I will never, as long as I live, forget September 11th.  I always had a transistor radio under my pillow because of the tinnitus which I have had now for many, many years. When I heard what was happening I went to Loren’s side of the bed, woke him up and with his hearing aid in one hand and his robe in the other, I ask him to please come to the TV.  “America was being attacked.”  He looked at me for a moment.  I kissed him on the forehead and went back to his study and it was there that he joined me for the next I don’t know how long.  We were speechless.  Life had now taken a new, ugly turn and we were a part of it.

Fast forward to October, 2018. Closer to home.  Closer to my heart…..The Pew Research Center states that many Evangelicals (51% to 42%) believe that God accepts worship of all religions.  Life Way Research released Tuesday an urgent need for bold teaching of historic Christianity.

Make a difference!  Do it today!! God is God.  He does not change. Satan is running rampart across the world.  He is chiseling away at lives minute by minute.  He will not have the last say but he is going to do everything possible to separate humans from their Maker.  Don’t be one who has been caught in his clutches.

The Bible stands firm.  The Ten Commandments  – were given to Moses to give to the people more than 3,000 years.  They speak of the sins that are in the world today.  They are the ONLY sins in the world today.  3,000 years ago……….God is God.

“You shall have no other gods before Me.”  Exodus 20:1

“You shall not make for yourself an idol.” Exodus 20:4

“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.” Exodus 20:7.

“Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy.” Exodus 20:8.

“Honor your father and your mother.”  Exodus 20:12.

“You shall not murder.”  Exodus 20:13.

“You shall not commit adultery.”  Exodus 20:14.

“You shall not steal.”  Exodus 20:15.

“You shall not bear false witness.”  Exodus 20:16.

“You shall not covet.”  Exodus 20:17

If you are a part of that 51%, I feel very sorry for you.

Historic Christianity!

It will live with or without you!

It will rule in the END!!!!!!!!

In His Hands Securely!  Marge H.




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