Dear Canadians……..

Don’t ever think I shall forget those Winnipeg winters!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you remember the RED RIVER CEREAL?  Thought so.  Well I went online to Ebay to see if there was such a thing for sale and it is all over the place.  It is everywhere ONLINE but not in stores. I see the package is coming to me from No. Dakota and that is not surprising. Fargo was a stopping off place for us. So – – yip – – I ordered it and then had to search for a SMALL double boiler and found that too.

Who would ever have thought I would condescend to THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well my husband loved hot cereal – namely Oatmeal particularly on golf days but he enjoyed Red River too. I think I liked it most because it was chewy.

Ho hum.  Think I might move north of here.  Well.  If I was much younger that is………lol

Can never forget.  You make an everlasting mark on my life.  Thank you.

In His Hands.  Marge H.

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