The new apartment – special! Pictures are here for the mini tour!! Welcome!!!

What a lovely day this has been.  Everything is completed – all pictures up – bathroom cabinets are up and even my first load of wash at this end of the campus is done.  Od and I can hang out together tonight and have popcorn and a Christmas DVD. (Oh — he will have cheese).

Here the pictures are!!!

Beginning with how the outside looks.


11315 W. Peoria Ave.  M6, Youngtown, AZ 85363DSCN0050.jpg

Looking west from the shared patio.DSCN0051.jpg

Opening the front door you are greeted by Loren.DSCN0052.jpg

Another segment of the LR.DSCN0053.jpg

Another view so you can see the divider curtain.DSCN0054.jpg

Part of the kitchen I had all new faucets put in and new cabinets in the Bathroom.DSCN0055.jpg

Looking the other way.  CANADIANS, you can see where you always fit in!!!!! Underneath the Canadian shelf is where I have some things Loren made for me.DSCN0057.jpg

Looking now into the BR This is Od’s sleeping area. The “brown” is a pad that his body heat warms to his liking for winter and cools to his liking for summer.DSCN0058.jpg

Part of the BR


Another view – my desk – work area for P2C.  Terri – here is where I work – already had some interesting work!!DSCN0060.jpg

And part of the bath just finished this morning.

There you have it – all 500 sq. ft, more or less.  But it is ours and it is home and it is every thing we could want. Loren is in every room, some how, some way.  I have often wondered what he would say if he could see my place and see how much of him is here and then if he could only see my heart and know that it is still his even though it isn’t possible.  He did not know that Lia would become a professional artist, nor did he have any idea that I would ask her to take me out of a portrait that he had wanted us to have made, and give him a right shoulder.  Marvelous work that she did.  She was only 20 then.

It has been a very, very rough going, even with all the smoothness, still rough,  Lonely at times, wading through areas of life that I never thought I would have to face even with his death.  But you do make it.  Some times you wonder. Some times you wish you could erase it all.  There is a song.  Not a christian song.  It was recorded back in the 40’s. I believe the title is “I would give a million tomorrows for just one yesterday”. Don’t know who recorded it and I know it is not one that I would want to remember except for this one sentence – the title of the song.  Ah, yes.  A million tomorrows for one whole day with him.

But life continues.  Lots of cracks and crevices and much less energy than in other years but you know the senior years are wonderful when you take a look at them.  You are more experienced.  You have learned much more.  You have the necessary brain and eyesight to absorb and to also let go.  You find things that seemed to be so important a few decades back don’t mean very much now.  Other things become important and life takes on a very new meaning.  I am glad to be 83.  God has let me live this long for a reason and it is onward we go with eyes on Home.

“Thro’ many dangers, toils, and snares, I have already come; ‘Tis grace hath bro’t me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.”  (Amazing Grace   John Newton 1725-1807)

Amen!  Marge

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