I have to laugh at times re my readers!!

When I was still on FB in a way, more or less, and I found I was going off of FB for a bit I said so in a posting and ask that if anyone wanted to contact me do so via email, as I would not be looking at FB comments.

Yip.  You guessed it.  I got replies on the FB section when I told people I would not be responding that way.  Some asked questions even.  No.  I did not reply.  I had said I would not. Laughable.

Now then, at the click of this post coming to you, the MacBook Pro will be down for perhaps close to a week.  So please, if you wish to talk to me, call me.  I will not be responding as the move is now on for Thursday of this week and not Friday.

Oh so many wires and plugs to undo.  What fun!! Well.  When I get back online it will be heading to the holiday season.  I was out this morning and all of the Christmas trees at Walmart are up for sale.  Cards are out, decorations are out and also for Hallowe’en, the same.

I am able to enjoy it all more now – each year it gets a bit better.  Some of you……….it will take a while but you too, will feel better.  If you don’t, then you are carrying a load that you should not. Don’t hurry it.  But don’t stall it, either.  The love of your life would want more than any thing for you to be happy once again.  I know that from the love of my life as he shared with me so many times how he wanted me to be happy after he was gone.  You don’t have to be remarried to be happy.  I have found my happiness in my Lord and the work that I do for P2C. It will begin again as I return in October and so with a great deal of satisfaction and commitment to my Lord I move on just as I am, where I am, doing what I am doing.

As a Christian, we have a Load Bearer and it is through and by Faith that we are able to smile again and continue on. Oh. Never the same!  Of course not!  But not stalled in a grief chapter for years and years and years.  If the Lord is in control of your life, you will smile again and remember other times with a sweet, sweet quietness that only the Lord can paint the tapestry of your being with.  Only the Lord.

See you all again in a few days.

In His Hands and On His Road with no turning back….no turning back!

Marge H.


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