At the end of another week~~~~

Not too much happening around here.  Mostly I am resting and helping Od to realize that the mess that is here won’t be like this for long.

I have a small path from the middle of the LR to the AC.  Od was excited to see me come home from shopping – – had run circles around the place and forgot that the “path” leads to no where but the wall He couldn’t turn around so he backed out.  I had to laugh at him..funny boy!!

We have the word – the movers will be here at 8am next Friday, 9/28.  They reminded me that they moved me from K5 to A8 on 9/28 last year.  This time is from A8 to M6.  Next time it will be from M6 to HEAVEN!!!!  No stops in-between.  There comes a time when you get fed up with people – – with things – – with ways of doing things that are NOT your way and never was.  There is a time when you begin to feel that you are not in the right place – you need to move on.  And some times moving on gives you a glimpse of where you could be and should be.  Any way this time next week we will be in our new “digs”.

Now then.  I have been asked to re-run the concept on Faith. Here it is.

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Rom. 10:17.  It does not rest on some road map but in a relationship with God.  Remember that Christianity is not a religion it is a “relationship”.  And what sets Christianity apart from “religions” is that it is the only one that can boast of its Founder coming back some day.  That “some day” could be 3,000 more years.  It could be tomorrow.  We don’t know but we are to stay prepared because we won’t have time to get the nails done and the hair trimmed – we will go as we are right now but be changed as we are going.

FAITH IS………………….

Believing the Word of God and acting on it.  Acting on it is faith.

Here is the concept and once you get this, memorize it, believe it, live it.

Believing the Word of God is mental. Faith is actual.  The difference between belief and faith is that faith is belief with legs on it.  BELIEF is knowing the Word of God. FAITH is knowing the God of that Word.  Another point to remember is that we do not live by explanations we live by promises. Every thing in the Bible is promise upon promise.  So many promises that have already come true.  So many more promises yet to be fulfilled but don’t get the idea that they won’t be – – – they WILL be.

Onward we go. This Sunday morning our church pianist is out-of-town and I have been asked to do the service from beginning to end.  I am thrilled, excited and very humbled.  Five members of our church have asked for certain pieces of music somewhere down the road as I am given the opportunity to play.  So sweet of them.  This Sunday I will be doing “Ivory Palaces” for the special music time. Interestingly enough the “asked fors” have all come from the men in our church.  I think they all have memories of another time in their lives.  Don’t we all!!!!

Have a blessed weekend!  Pray for me at 10am Sunday and I pray that each of you will be in your church worshipping your Lord and if you don’t know Him, don’t wait too long.  Who knows!!  Sunday may be your last opportunity to hear the Word.

I won’t be posting again until after the move.  Til then…….. Mega Blessings on each.

Marge H.



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