Strange….how time is, isn’t it!!

Today I have been sitting and resting a lot.  No need to do a lot because I am up to date and ready for the whistle to blow and the move to begin.

There is a bit more to be done on my apartment.  The painting, the faucets, and a few other things are finished so now it is new-carpeting-time and then………….the move begins!

I have a few pictures still up on the walls that the movers will remove for me. One is the portrait of my husband.  As I sat and looked at it I realized the following.

The picture, originally was taken when he was 75 years old.  At that time, he still had 23 years to live.  (75 years old and still 23 years to go) Let that thought soak in for a moment.  Then read this sentence!

Those 23 years were over 10 years and 3 months ago.

LET THAT ONE SINK IN, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some times I think time is slow as the seven-year-itch, but it isn’t.  It keeps on ticking away at only one speed.  And yet.  Those 23 years, if we could have known we were to have them, seemed at that moment to be a very, very, very long time to have.  But now……..I sit here posting knowing that lonely times when I can almost feel him coming home from golf, or from practice, or hear the garage door opening can be bidding for my time but to my heart I find the joy of sensing something more than loneliness.  A feeling of knowing that  our love was so fulfilling in every way and it all seems to off-set the nagging ache of being without my Loren.

How are you doing in your relationship with your husband, or your wife!!  I have some pastors and widows and widowers reading my writings.  How is time doing for you and yours!!!

I write tonight because I want you to not miss a moment of time with each other.  It will be gone so quickly and you will never be able to pull it back, except through your memories.  Don’t waste it.  Use time to the advantage of your love for that mate. You do not know what tomorrow holds.

I can tell you this. I know Who holds tomorrow and that is sufficient for every sad, lonely, lost moment of time. When I sit for a few moments thinking as I did this afternoon, it takes me down a wee bit but then I think of “Who” can lift my spirits and the Lord is and always will be the one.

“I will never ever, ever leave you nor forsake you.”  Heb. 13:5

In His Loving and Forgiving Arms ~~

Marge H.

P.S. I might also add this.  I have quite a few non-christians reading Moments with Marge.  You have NOTHING to lean back on – – You have NO ONE to walk with you through that lonely, aching moment – – You have no promises of sufficiency in your life when you are without the one you love.  You have NOTHING at all.  Think about that my friend.

The Lord Jesus Christ was, is and will forever be my sufficiency and the sufficiency for all other Christians the world over.  Place your faith in Him and Him alone.  Acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior, and rest assured that the verse I have printed above is a promise that He will never ever, ever break with you.  He cannot lie. He cannot and will not take away from you what He has given to you or promised to you. He is Almighty and All Powerful and All Knowing.

You will have many losses in life – you will probably have more problems than a lot of other people, but He will be there to walk through every situation with you. You cannot go around, over, under or beside – when you have problems you have to go STRAIGHT THROUGH and I GUARANTEE HE WILL GO WITH YOU and that is what will give you what you need to get through what is ahead of you, be it whatever.

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