It’s Saturday night~~~

The sweet little wedding ceremony is over.  Sweetness at its peak. BUT NOT FOR ME~~~~~~~. I came home and informed Od that it would continue being “me and thee”.

I love seeing other people get together but I don’t have time for that and to have to begin to compromise and share and…and…and. whatever else comes along, it ain’t for this ole lady. A gal told me this week the only way she would marry again would be if he was tall dark and handsome.  I said the only way I would marry again would be if it was my Loren. You bet!  I would jump at marriage then.

I am so content waiting for my new apartment and doing my piano work at church which is becoming more and more. Loving every moment – every note of it!! There is a beautiful grand piano to play and the tones speak to my soul when I press those bass octaves.

I hope all of you will have a blessed Sunday in your church. We are so blest.  We are free to attend if and when we wish or we are free to not attend at all, which is not a compliment.  In fact, it isn’t saying anything worth saying.  But my point is we are living in a country whereby we are free to do whatever we wish notwithstanding the outcome that goes along with that decision..

This week will give me the info as to when we will move to our new place.  Also I will begin to work for P2C once again.  As with music, it is solidly coming back into my life.

Today there came a loud banging on my door and some gals asked if I wanted to play Canasta.  I said, “For heavens sake, NO!” I don’t have time for such “stuff”.  Perhaps the day will come but it ain’t here YET!!!!! And if I have my way it never will.

The weather here has been so very hot – I believe 109 at one point.  I know it is 7:30 at night and still 100 outside.  Some of you are in bad weather across our country.  Praying for your safety.  Some of you are in other countries and your weather isn’t exactly like any of ours right now but I think beautiful, just the same. Solomon Islands!  How about yours right now – in the month of September – do you have the changing of the colors or not?

Always good to get your emails.  Keep in touch.  Marge

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