It’s Thursday Evening~~~~~~

For me I am one day closer to my move.  For a friend of mine, he/she is one full day and two nights away from getting married here in the Chapel.  So sweet.  He is in his late 80’s, she, in her early 90’s.  Can you imagine~~~~~~ compromising – or always having the other person around when you are not used to it – or seeing so many things in the apartment that aren’t just “yours”?

Oh my.  I think it is precious and sweet……..for them……..but never for me. We were talking around our table this morning and we all agreed:  been there done that.  And for me – – – – no one could ever take my Loren’s place and it would be pure failure to try.  A lot of us are going to the wedding.  Even the bus will be running for it.

This week is almost gone. I am hoping to be in my new apartment by the end of September.  Certainly everything is ready, from my end. Even little Od is taking his walks over to that end of the block.  Oh – – the grass is so beautiful around that building and he is loving that.

By the time we are settled in and rested a bit, I will launch back onto P2C.  I have been with Power to Change through the years and it seems that I always find my way back.  It is so wonderful to chat with people via email from around the world.  I believe P2C now has around 1,000 Mentors and receive approx. 5,000 emails per day. Problems in every country are exactly the same as in the States: health, finances, children, home life, parents, education, jobs and of course not only are the problems the same but also the “answer”.  The common denominator: Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes. Though all those responding know we are Christ centered, yet many will not look to the Lord for their help but …………….. there are those who do and for those who do, a marvelous new beginning is there for them and once they have found that, they have the help they will need for all of the difficulties of life that will come their way.

I have found the past few months, as the dust has settled in my life things have come back “into” my life that once were there vibrantly.  Oh.  Yes.  I am old now.  Everything revolves differently due to speed but that is accepted.  I have the knowledge throughout the Bible of the age of the people who worked their tails off for the Lord and their age was nothing.  Reason?  It was the Lord’s work, being done in the Lord’s way, by people like us.  People  who were willing to step out and do something besides sit around with a chip on their shoulder or complain about everything that came their way.  They stood up.  They recognized that the Lord would never give them anything that could not be done through them BY HIM.

I have always called Moses the “Five But Moses”.  He had five excuses for not doing the work God had for him. God became angry with him because he did not accept the fact that it was God who would be doing the work through him.  He was scared to death.  Aaron, his brother, saved the day and God did accept Aaron as Moses mouthpiece.  In the end, Moses worked and worked and worked for the Lord. Although, he did not get to go into the Promised Land because he did not obey God.  He was so angry with the people for not trusting God that he let his temper get in the way and as a result he was not given the go ahead for the Promised Land.

Moses was so righteous that he was wrong.  Think about THAT for a moment.  To us it seems the thing to do to blast them for not believing – – having the faith – – because they were there – they were witnessing God at work.  Wouldn’t it be RIGHT to get mad at them and throw the book at them?  Not in God’s sight.  There was no room for Moses to get angry.  God was going to take care of the situation in due time.

This is something to really think about my friend.  This is an example of how God thinks and how He works.  Just to be angry and just to not obey what God told him to do cost him the trip physically into the Promised Land.

But God was so good to him.  He Took Moses to the top of a mountain and showed him the Promised Land.  Can’t help but wonder what they talked about and the land was given the once over. God then took him Home.  He had finished his course and in spite of his weaknesses, God used him, accepted him and the day will come when we will see Moses along with so many others.

May Thy will be done in our lives today, Lord.

Marge H.

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