Times are changing, but our Lord….He does NOT!

The tapestry of our lives is a combination of the colors of our attitudes, our days, the times in our lives and the ever non-changing Lord who is forever with us to shine down His grace and mercy and peace upon our lives.

My days are speckled right now.  Part of each day is spent with my little Od.  Another part, doing further preparations for our new apartment.  Still another is determining  just where and how I want my life to radiant.

There are ways all around that focus on the negative, the difficult, the tried but didn’t succeed attitude, the ability to do and to give back, but being selfish is easier and so each day moves quietly forward and ends with a beautiful sunset over our mountains in the west part of our Valley.

I have been so frustrated during the early morning hour each day.  Two gals come over to Hines for breakfast usually at 6am.  Breakfast though is not until 7:30am.  It has irked my soul when they sit and slump and put elbows on the table and sit with their mouths wide open.  Yuck.  Some days our menus are not out.  Some days the pencils need sharpening.  Some days dirty dishes even need to be removed before the morning people come for breakfast.

With a deep amount of frustration I was complaining to a friend that no one does anything, but sit and mope.  He laughed quietly and I said, “WHAT” are you laughing at.  His quiet answer was, “You are the one that God gave the gift of Helps to.  Not them. So get a smile on that face and carry on.”  (Some friend!)

I did have to re-think when I got home.  God did give me that Gift and I have always known it.  But believe me it is the most difficult of gifts to be given.  Mainly because there are times when you are given things to do and you LOVE it.  But just like that, you are doing something else and barreling along with it.  God uses us for a moment in time and then transfers us to another project and there we go, down another corridor off and running like it all was simply “old hat”!!

God places us right where He wants us.  God uses us right where He needs us.  And when we are pliable and useable and willing we can, for sure, feel the accomplishment within of having answered the calling that He has given.

Are you a Christian?  If so, God gave you a gift.  Do you know what it is?  Don’t waste your time and more importantly the gift that He gave to you.  I know people with opportunities that have been given to them, or maybe they have been pushed into them and they are dragging their tails all the way – chips on their shoulders – – no ministry in their work – – just doing…… Be careful – God may have placed you right where you are to make some changes within you and you alone. He needs you.  He wants you.  Be pliable.  Be available. Be compassionate both in your work and in your life in general.  You will be glad that you did. As you work that “Gift” of His choosing, you will find peace and excitement and a fulfilling spirit within and you will know without a doubt that He knew what He was doing when He gave you “that” Gift.

Yes!  I was the one given the gift of Helps.  Not them.  How special.  How ridiculous to be all riled up over something that was intended for me.  Who knows!!  Maybe this time next week they will become Christians and they too will have a Gift from the Lord.

Times DO change.  But our Lord……..He never changes!!!!!

His servant with one of His great Gifts!




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