Moments with Marge

September 11, 2001~Will Never Forget.

It hardly seems that it could have been so long ago.  Many children who were very young then are either teenagers or in college.

Almost 3,000 people lost their lives that day. Hard to fathom in a way.  Even harder to understand as having happened in America. What can we take from it? A renewed spirit to right the wrongs as we can.  Not easy though.  Life is so short.  We are not promised tomorrow. We are not even promised the next hour.  Only God.  He knows what and when He will speak the actions that will bring us into His presence one way or another.

We can pause….think….wonder how the families left behind survived those awful days.  We wonder where the Lord was in each heart and soul that morning – that afternoon – that awful day in September. We wonder how their families grasp ahold of the Lord.

The Lord was there.  He was in the stairwell…He was on the plane that went down in the field.  He was with over 300 firefighters whose lives were also lost that day.  He was there in the home when the dad or mom would not be coming through the door that evening.  He was there when the gentleman on the plane called his wife and together they said The Lord’s Prayer.  Yes.  He WAS there.

In the Grasp of His Holy Hands through sadness and grief.  He was there. He is here.

“I will never ever leave you nor forsake you”. Heb. 13:5b

Marge H.



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