It is Sunday Afternoon~~~~

It always seems like it is Sunday afternoon.  Where does the week go!!!!  This morning I was sitting in church with a hymn book behind my back and this afternoon I am sitting with the heating pad behind it.  Ugh!!  I have noticed that the heating pad has not been back in its box for several months – probably won’t ever again.  I COULD complain but you know I am 83.  I have had a wonderful life.  Hardly ever sick and in the last years of my Loren, it just seemed like strength and health had been stored up for me and metered out to me during those years.  I am so grateful for all I have had and all I have right now.

Sitting in church this morning I realized that I could have made the mistake of my life had I moved into Glendale just so I could do “what I wanted to do”.  And REALLY – what is that!  Without a car what could I possibly do that I can’t do right now!!

 N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!  I can’t think of one blessed thing.

Perhaps the one thing that has bothered me the most here is the passing of people almost daily at times. I had 3 ladies at my table, one was 96, one 97 and one 98.  And the healthiest of the three is the one who went Home first. The other two are still at the table and we miss each other terribly when one is not there.  That is a stumbling block but to forfeit my church for “that” would have been suicide for me.

Ah – – – – how does that verse go – – – “When she stumbles, she will not be hurled headlong, because the Lord is the One who holds her hand” (Psa. 37:24).

THAT…..He certainly did.  As I stumbled into the field of self-pity, yet He watched over me and kept me from harm – – a/k/a my own self, wanting my way.

Don’t know just yet when the move will take place but the waiting game is on and when it is ready, we will be ready too. My lease is up in a few days – and we are moving over just two buildings where there is lots of grass and a bit bigger apartment which will be nice.

I’ve got to do more sitting with this back – I think I have neglected the Word too long.  Not sitting at the College of the Feet. The more I learn, the more I sense what I don’t know.  Scary!!!!! But here again.  We don’t have to know everything. We are taught just what each one  needs to make it Home and that is all.  We are not all alike, but we have, or should have the same goal – the Heavenly Home, straight ahead. That means only one thing!  Jesus Christ is no. one and no one any where, any time, or for any reason, takes His place.  Just have to remember there are no alumni from the Heavenly College – we never will be graduated. So be it!  Onward we prepare for “Home“!!

Still in His grasp.

Marge H


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