Didn’t go to bed at all last night////////

I should be dead tired but no – – – – – up and at em!!  My days can get wild and I love it, cuz I never know what the next hour will hold.

I was all set to do the final paperwork at LifeStyles in a few days.  As my day was coming to a close yesterday I began to think of how I would be getting to church. I knew no one lived in the area I was going to but there were cabs and I would work from that angle, at least for a while until I could get settled in.  (Of course – everything is very much under control!!!!). Hummmmmm.

In the East Valley you can get a  card when you have physical limitations from the MVD and you can go any where you want for a flat $5.00. Butttttttttt.  No one in the West Valley has ever heard of it.  So what do I do NOW?  I got online and found out that the cabs don’t all charge exactly the same.  Ugh.  So here is what I found.  $3.50 for the flag drop then 2.75 per mile.  It is 7.9 miles from LifeStyles to EBC.  So 2.75 x8=22.00 one way.  44.00 round trip.  So 44.00 plus the drop of 3.50 and I have $47.50 on Sunday morning, round trip’s worth.  Not a good idea.  I WAS NOT GOING TO GIVE UP MY CHURCH for any silly idea that I WANT to do such and such.

So I did what Abraham did. And of course you remember that, don’t you?  God told him to get up and leave the country and his relatives behind. God did not tell him to take Lot and his load with him.  Lot was baggage all the way if you remember.  Abraham was always getting him out of trouble of one kind or the other.

But at one point Abraham turned around and went back to where he started with God.  And So…………I went back to LifeStyles and told them my problem.  Prior to making that call I knew I had money that was given up front and I was about to lose it.  When I called they were sooooooo sweet to me and understanding and let me go without a penalty.  Next step was to return to the office here and ask to stay.  What happened here?  They looked at the sheet twice that I had signed and with open arms welcomed me “back home”.  And since they were soooooo sweet about it, I asked if I could possibly move from A-8 and yet stay as close to Hines as possible.  (There is a legitimate reason why I was asking to move but it is not necessary to lay it out on my Blog. ) Of course – you guessed it – there are two apartments in the M bldg. I looked at one of them and said, “Yes.”  It is a 1 BR just like K4 and K5 .  It is M6.  (One funny note to this is that when I was in K5 another gal was in K6 and we shared our Bedroom wall.  Now she will be moving over to M5 and I will be the one in M6.) I will move at the end of September, probably as it looks now. Not sure just when she is going.

I had wanted to move away because of memories – of not wanting to live on a Sr. care campus but I made the decision that I need to grow up and deal with the memory bit and all the things that go with people growing old and passing away.  I remember years ago, my husband said to me, “Darling, just remember what you teach will someday, for sure, come home to roost.”   And it did many times.  And it did for me this time.  At one time in my life I told the ladies at the Bible Study, “This is something you can do, just not in your own strength but in God’s. ” Oh,  yeah.  It came home to roost. If it was so easy for them to do – it was my turn to prove it also.

I did go into my morning though with one verse staggering into every corner of my heart and mind.  Here it is.  “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.”

Yes.  Dear Reader.  I did trust.  He did lead.  He will do the same for you.  I guarantee it!

In His Stability!

Marge H.

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