Many years ago there was a petition again the Ford company.  Many of my friends and even a few family members said, a signature won’t amount to any thing – silly to do. NOT ANY MORE. I want you to read what happened and it was because the Lord led through His people to get the work done.  HERE IT IS…….


VICTORY! Chaplain Squires Cleared of Wrongdoing

Monday, August 27, 2018

VICTORY! Chaplain Squires Cleared of Wrongdoing

Dear Marge,

Late last Friday, we received the great news that the United States Army has completely dismissed all charges and investigation findings against Fort Bragg Chaplain Scott Squires and his assistant, SSG Kacie Griffin.

If you remember, our AFA Action Alert earlier this month asked you to support Chaplain Squires by contacting the Secretary of the Army and the Fort Bragg base commander, urging them to stop this religious “witch hunt.”

The Army found the base investigator’s findings were frivolous and without merit, and immediately halted all proceedings that sought to punish Chaplain Squires for removing himself from conducting a marriage retreat that would force him to sanction a same-sex “marriage.”

First Liberty, who represented Chaplain Squires legally, announced the victory.

An amazing 41,058 AFA supporters emailed the Pentagon directly over the course of the last two weeks. Countless others made personal phone calls to the base Public Affairs office. (By the way, the Public Affairs office called AFA because of the sheer number of calls they were getting. They let us know your calls were being effective.)

Your efforts expedited what is usually a long and drawn out process. It is unheard of for the Army to act this fast…but your emails and phone calls spurred them to quick action!

Thank you for your faithfulness to insure religious liberties are protected for everyone, and in this case, those serving our country.

Please, consider making a donation today to help AFA remain on the front lines in the battle for religious freedom.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association


Isn’t that wonderful!!!!!!!!  Get on board.  Be a part of making things happen the right way.  Don’t be a stiff-neck and do nothing – This is important right now in our day and time.  Thanks for reading and helping to make a difference.

In His Control

Marge H.


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