MOVING!!! It can be EXCITING!!!

I have always enjoyed moving!  Every place I have lived I have looked at the place and then moved in and saw it transform into my home.  I have always loved how an apartment of one kind or another can become beautiful at least in this beholder’s mind.

The apartment I am presently in, is in a building that has 19 other apartments exactly like this one. I have been in several of them and I ALWAYS without EXCEPTION have to stop and say, is this really like MINE????? They don’t give their place a personality – – it is unimpressive.

My move-in date was given.  I called the movers and ask for a certain date for them to come (again).  They had one opening on that date and said the only problem is it is early that morning:  7:30am.  I said, “GREAT! The earlier the better to me.”

I was shopping yesterday and again today and I still have a couple of things to pick up on Monday – then I will be ready to move from this sweet little place to the next one which is just so nice.

I am amazed at how the builders, today, have the generations in mind and they look ahead with a vision some how of what people will want. Don’t know how they do that!! Guess that is why I am not a builder.  Even the shower curtain rod is “curved”. Neat!!

In His Hands – all the way “Home”.

Marge H.

The cell will be the only phone intact for a few weeks.

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