WONDERFUL! To be living today!!!!

I have been looking online for over three months (since my birthday) for a place where I could live independently for a while longer that would be outside the bounds of a Senior Care Campus.

I went online to After55.com !!!  WOW!  Hundreds of apartments out there for Seniors and in the general area that I now live in.  Apartment buildings.  When you look at what they offer, it is wild.  Big stainless steel refrigerators and kitchens that look like the 30 and 40 year olds would want today.  Huge.

The seniors today are certainly not the seniors of the last generation.  Interestingly, there is a new complex going in not too far from here and they are gearing for the Baby Boomers who are now at the doorstep of seniorhood and THEY are offering, or will be offering when they are finished, garages with the apartments.  Amazing.

One place that I took a tour of last week has their own Thrift Store, and small  convenience store.  Their Nursing Home is as long as The Cook Center is here if it was in a straight line, except it is 6 stories high.  They have their own restaurants all over the campus and the menus look like what you pick up at a restaurant – even the same kind of covers.  And believe it or not ALTCS is thriving there.

One new campus just opened – – 500 rooms – – the cheapest is just under $3,000/month.

It is all an eye opener.  So much going on – – going up – – out there that the norm does not really know about it.  But it is coming.  It is here, in fact.  The Baby Boomers have a lot out there for them.  Or maybe I should say there are builders out there with them in mind and preparing for them.

It has been a wonderful generation for me.  At times, I have had one foot on the side of the old and the other foot on the side of the new.  It is wonderful.  I wish I had been more open to the new sooner.  I would have been able to have done more with the computer for one area but hindsight is always better than foresight.  And I am not moping about that.  It is not how I began that determines my life. It is how I plan to end that determines it.  And THAT, each day, is being carved, touched up, changed – – all for the better.

One thing that never has or will ever, change is the Lord.  “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.”  The words in the Old Testament were as true 3,000 plus years ago when Moses came down off the mountain with the Ten Commandments as they are today.  You laugh.  Don’t bother. Here they are.  Instructions to worship…Honor parents…Keep the Sabbath…Murder…Adultery… Theft…Dishonesty…covetness.. and there is more.

Universally agreed upon by demographers and market researchers are these:

The Depression Era.  Born 1912-1921…

WW2 B. 1922-1927…

Post-War Cohort.  B. 1928-1945.

Boomers l (Baby Boomers).  B. 1946-1954...

Boomers 2 or Generation Jones…

Generation  X. (Echo Boomers)  1965…

Xennials.  B. 1975…

Millennials Generation Y,  B. 1980…

The newest generation to be named is Gen Z.  Born between 1995 and 2015.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah~~~. I am tired from just listing all of the above. My comments are taken from the career planner.com.    I am sure there are some differences between these and others who are laying out the same material.  But this is sufficient to show the differences in the years of our living up to now.

My great g’children are arriving  (three are now “launched”) on the scene and of course they fall into whatever the next generation is to be called.  Only the Lord knows what will be in and of that generation.

I have been so privileged to live with one foot on one side and the other foot on the other side of a generation of learning,  experimenting with, and accomplishing so much.  There has been sooooo much out there for our usage – – for our learning – – I am so grateful – – – so privileged…………………..

In His Magnificent Hand

Marge H.

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