In the process~~~~

Od and I are  moving mid-September.  I have found a lovely place.  Just a bit larger than my present apartment but it has its own washer/dryer, dishwasher, and a nice size kitchen so I can do a bit of cooking for a little while.  The holiday season is coming and I am looking forward to making some holiday desserts, and casseroles, and “treats” as well.  Not many,  just some.  They also have a beauty/barber salon.

Od and I will reside at Lifestyles of Glendale.  7974 N. 53rd Ave. Glendale, AZ. 85301. It is a one bedroom apartment and several hundreds of dollars cheaper and that will be a good thing, too.  We will be on the second floor of a three-story residential  building.  There are elevators.  A Chapel and Chaplain. Also our own private deck. It is a non-smoking campus for which I am soooooo grateful.  The stench that comes from a small apartment of a 24 hr. a day smoker is nauseating to say the least.

Lifestyle of Glendale hosts apartments for 190.  Last Monday they did not have an empty apartment.  One was becoming available in mid-September and I grabbed it. I don’t even have to take my trash out.  They have a trash shoot on each floor.

Od has a very nice place to have his waste management, and has the privilege of having a limousine and his own, personal chauffeur, also known as a stroller and “me”.  He makes me laugh when he sits in the stroller, looking in each direction as I roll him along. (King of the roost)

Well.  Now to get ready.

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