1.5 million have signed!!!!And it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time!!!!!!!!

Target has presented to the world an unapologetic idea that their bathrooms/restrooms  may be used by man and woman alike (and that is being too polite with my wording).

1.5 million have now signed a petition against Target and their sales continue to go down.  Come on America.  We can do this but we need to do it together.  We have g’children and great g/children to think of and without our help in keeping the businesses corralled, they will continue to stoop to the lowest ebb possible. If you don’t have them, then you ought to be concerned for others who may be caught somewhere down the road in the “web of evil”.

Go onlne to http://www.afa.net and get all of the latest news and how we as a society can and will control the filth of the world as much as we can by not only being in the know but ready to take a stand and BE INVOLVED for what is right.

Continue to take a stand and do NOT shop at TARGET.  It is back to school time and they need the business and we need integrity in our business world.  We are on the way with 1.5 million already on the petition and it continues to grow.

Standing up for what is right.  How about YOU!!!!!!

Marge Humphrey

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