Sunday morning ~~~~

~~~~Sunday morning – almost noon now – – I was ready for church this morning and waiting for my ride when my church-going-mood was cancelled and I undressed from my so-called Sunday-Best and settled in to a very unsettled morning.

As I came from Hines the Paramedics were at one of the apartments close to me.  I had seen them yesterday as the gal was out walking her Corky and fell.  This morning was the last straw for them.  They had been here for her THREE TIMES in less than 36 hours.

Long story short I was there when they came yesterday and this morning, so since she was going to the hospital no one was there to take care of her dog. She could not come to my place because of Od, but I promised I would see she was fed and walked until Monday morning.

I remembered when I moved here a long time ago, on my first full day I had a major injury to my head and 16 stitches were required.  My little dog was SCARED to death.  I remembered how, yesterday that we tried to get her dog back into her apartment, she literally pulled herself out of her harness and went back to her human and sat beside her and licked her face.  How that touched my heart.

She has no family.  She is stone deaf.  God gave me the opportunity to give a bit of human love to another dog whose allegiance was so strong for her human. I am praying though that she does not pull herself out of her lease because I have not seen any tags and don’t  know her name but until Monday morning she is my responsibility until 8am.

Everyone is saying, “be careful.  Don’t do too much.”  And I got the message.  I may look dumb but I am NOT.  They are meaning don’t get involved.  Others didn’t.  A woman living in the apartment right where she fell kept looking out the window behind the blind and could have called 911 but chose not to “get involved.”  Those kind of people disgust me to no end.  You better believe when they are “down” they want help.  That very person had fallen some weeks back and had quite a stay in the hospital.  But no.  Let’s don’t get involved.

I cannot imagine what it is like to be deaf and have no family at all.  God forbid that I should ever become so cold to the needs of another person.

“In as much as ye have done it unto the least of one of these ye have done it onto Me.”

In His Hands.


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