I have been asked if~~~~

~~~~if I would consider writing about my life.  I looked at the person and said, “what in the world is there to write about!!!!!  No one wants to read about an old woman who has failed in almost everything she has done in life.”  Their response was, “You haven’t failed.  You have survived”. The question and response came from a person I have known for several years now. They too, are up there in years.

There are things I would like to write about before I give up computer life.  I will not be writing a book though.  “One Woman’s Journey into Widowhood” was costly.  $10,000.00 worth.  It was worth it all.  Just the experience of doing it for one thing and being able to know I did the manuscript on a laptop. I was told that approximately 1% of the people in the US have written a book and had it published.

And that thought brings a laugh to my heart.  To think I would even be using a laptop is laughable.  There is a gal, living on the North Campus.  She boasts of  her g’son giving her a laptop.  He even offered to teach her how to use it. She is what I call a “determined ole woman”. When the g’son left, she promptly took the new “equipment” to the garbage bin and tossed it.  She said she wanted nothing to do with new fangled stuff that wastes so much time.  Lots of people are out there today, dyed-in-the-wool-old-timers and they would not think of owning a computer or laptop.  They simply don’t know what they are missing.

Here is another avenue of thinking.  I have purchased since 2008 three 24″ computers.  I have also purchased  nine laptops. – All Apple products.  And yes!  You are reading the numbers correctly.  I am not proud of it but as the lady said to me, it wasn’t a part of the “failure” in my life.  It was  a part of my “surviving”.  My son called me a name one time in one of his emails that described my purchasing/tossing.  I do not remember the word he used. I immediately shredded the email so I never had to see it again. No fault of his.  As with so many, he was able to understand “nothing” that was happening inside of me.  I was so grateful for the ones who stood head and shoulders above the fray and never failed to be there for me and keep me afloat.

One of the times when I purchased a MacBookpro, the person helping me took my drivers license for ID. He looked at it. Then he said, “Are you really this old?” And I said, “yes”. Then he said………..”Mrs. Humphrey, why don’t you get the mouse as well.  It will be so much easier for you to use.”  I laughed, and said to him, “Tom, I can do anything that you can do on the MacBookpro , but it just takes me longer.” Using the fingers instead of a mouse have become second nature to me.

Already I am “itching” to write. Though I pause as I say that, because so much of my life has tears behind it, and hurts that can not be mended.

Life has no dress rehearsals.  It is a one time through.  It is not how you start that amounts to a hill of beans. It is how you finish.

In His Hands,


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