It is Sunday evening and ~~~~

~~~~I find myself sitting on the glider with little Od sleeping beside me – – both of us are waiting for it to cool down outside so he can have his last walk of the day.

As I sit, I think back years and years ago to a young couple who between the moment that the Pastor was to pray over them to the moment when he actually did, a mountain of God’s unusual working in His people was consumed/begun/continued/keeps on continuing.

I opened my file on two dear friends from another time. Picked up their newsletter called the FORSTER FILL-IN, dated December 2014. It told of the Kuna Bible Dedication in Panama whereby there were 3,200 in attendance.  Praise God!!

Keith and Wilma were being interviewed and Keith speaking, said, “The activities of that special week took me back to the day in 1963 when God confirmed His call on my life for full-time service.  The verse I was given that day was 1 Chronicles 28:20. ‘Be strong and courageous and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord God….is with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you until ALL the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished’ “.

Keith continued, “In 1963 this verse was 100% promise.  Now I gratefully testify that the verse is 100% testimony to God’s faithfulness. He HAS been with us. He HAS NOT failed us…AND…He has given us the privilege of finishing ALL the work to which He called us. We serve an incredible God”.

Keith was asked what’s next!!! His reply was, “We will continue to be involved in some Kuna projects for the next several months. We have been investigating the possibility of publishing some Kuna materials on waterproof (synthetic) paper.  We would like to prepare a pocket-sized edition of Psalms and Proverbs on that type of paper and also a reprint of the Kuna hymnbook.”  (Keith was thinking outside-the-box and I believe God was pleased.)

Fast forward.  Our Heavenly Father called Keith Home Jan. 30, 2018. It is now seven months later and the Lord has supplied and been so sufficient for Wilma as He has guided and led her all the way.  It is now August of 2018 and just today I received an email from her. The work continues and exciting times are ahead.  The work of the Lord is never late. His people to serve the capacity of the next phase of the Work is picking up the mantle and moving ahead. Here is part of her email.

“A HUGE praise to the Lord is that, with the help of Wycliffe colleagues and our Kuna colleague Jaime Rios, I was able to sign off  on the handy-sized, waterproof publication of the Kuna New Testament before my trip”.  (Wilma will be traveling to South Africa shortly) She continues, “It will be going to press within a few days.  This was one of the last projects Keith worked on before his health deteriorated.  He was so anxious for the Kuna people to have God’s Word in a convenient size of durable material that they could take with them wherever they went – hunting in the bush, fishing at sea, to university in their backpack, or even in a lady’s purse on a long bus ride home from Panama City. I am thrilled and grateful to have this project off to press.”

In her newsletter she speaks of the first steps underway in the preparation of a new Kuna Hymnbook.  Three musicians are working with a computer program to align approximately 75 newly written Kuna hymns with the music score.  Layout for the hymnbook to begin in October.

The Border Kuna Project (OT translation and revision of NT) is about to begin. Wilma states this will be the first Kuna dialect in which they worked.   It will get under way later this year.

How exciting.  How rewarding. How bittersweet.  Ah.  Yes.  I know that word!!  So does Wilma!!

I have shared extensively because I wanted my Readers to get a feel of the excitement that comes through the years as God works in His people, and with His people so they may come to know love accept Him as their be able to live for all eternity, at Home, with Him.

Yes. Keith will be there.  Wilma will be there.  Loren will be there.  I will be there. Glorifying God and in the wonder of it all…..somehow…..all whom God touched those many years ago, and all through the years that passed, the praising, the love, the glorifying atmosphere, all eyes will be on the One who made it all possible – – the Lord Jesus Christ – – who lived/died/buried/risen will have all……….all………all of us with Him forever and ever. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!!!!!!

In His grasp forever more!!


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