The Journey turns……

Today…….the Journey is taking a new turn.  It has been such an adventure and for sure I can say, if I had known before hand what was about to happen I doubt that I could have taken it. Too much.  However the Lord knows, doesn’t He!!

We now begin a new venue.  Digging Deeper.  Going deep, deep, deep into God’s Word.  So much there to know.  We will take our time for sure.

I have fewer followers now and for that I am grateful.  The reasoning behind that answer is that I do not like conversing with those who have no intension of becoming a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Truly a waste of time.

I have the time to study and to delve deeper than ever before.  I have much to learn and I want to share it with those interested in what I am interested in.  Not as something just to read and say “Isn’t that nice!” …..or….. “I like different views but I have my own”.

No.  I want to write for those who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and together we can be blest and along the way be touched in a deeper more loving way than ever before by the Holy Spirit.

I pray that together we might grow in newness of spirit and desire.  May Jesus Christ be praised!!

In Him!



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