What a Day……

What a day it will be when I see my Savior face to face!

I am so grateful that I am a Christian.  Imperfect Christian.  We remember how Paul described himself when he said, “Christ came to save sinners of whom I am chief”. No, no Paul.  I wish you were “chief” but you are not.  I am.  But yes. Christ came and He has saved me.  Praise His Holy Name.

There had been a wonderful table of four ladies – all from JT’s (Assisted Living) out for breakfast each morning at 7:30am.  Then one day, one of the little ladies fell ill and she was just a few days short of being able to hold her new little great grand baby in her arms.  She never got to do that.  She went Home.

In a couple of weeks, the other 3 asked me if I would like to sit with them. Oh dear!!  Now I had to act more like a lady and that didn’t last too long.  One day one of them could not find her bib. I was wearing it and she hadn’t discovered it yet.We played pranks on each other and they all said they looked forward so much to the breakfast hour together.  Yes. We did.  A few weeks back I came running in and said “GUESS WHAT!!!! I HAVE WONDERUL NEWS!!!!” They looked so expectantly at what I might say.  I said, “IT IS JUST SIX MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!”  They all looked blank for a minute and like the air had been let out of their balloon.  What fun!!!!

One by one they are going Home. One lady is 98, another 96 and one was 97 and then I am the “baby”, at 83,

Edna. (she was 14 when I was born) A sweet little lady who just turned 97 a few days back, fell ill last Monday evening and she began to skid downhill so as to speak.  My lovely g’daughter, Lia, had come to visit me yesterday and so we went over to see her.  I knew her days – in fact her hours, were numbered.  She was able to meet Lia, and knew that Lia was about ready to deliver my sweet little great g’daughter very soon now.  It was a sad moment. It was a happy moment.  All wrapped up in one!

Our day together ended. Lia went home and I returned to my quiet studio apartment with Od. I was finding it hard to get Edna out of my mind.  She had said to me, “it is now down-hill the rest of the way”. About 1am this morning (fri, 7/27) I could not sleep.  Got up and put a Kcup on. Of course Od thought he needed a snack as well. I looked out the window to see if Edna’s daughter’s car was still there and it was not so I sat down in “ease”.  However I found myself repeating the 23rd Psalm that Loren and I had said together every night for many years.  Around 3am I put Od in his bed and I returned to mine.

Upon arriving this morning for breakfast I asked Paul if I could have permission to visit with her for two or three minutes some time this morning.  He said, she was not available.  He said she passed away at about 2:30am.  JT’s had notified him at that time.

Earlier in the evening I had begun to read First Corinthians through but didn’t make it too far.  God intended for me to do just that so that my heart in a moment of time when it hurt so much could rejoice.  This is what I read.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Cor. 2:9).

Whenever a saved friend goes Home almost immediately I say, “I can only imagine what having met their Savior face to face was like!!”  We can not dream it up.  We can not even BEGIN to have any idea what that moment will be like when we leave our earthly bodies and our earthly minds and are escorted into the Presence of God the Father.

I will never forget Edna.  Several months back, I purchased “a lot” (meaning 15 pairs) of earrings.  You can purchase vintage clip-on earrings in lots of any number if you like: 10 pair, 15 pair, I even had seen some lots that numbered 55 pair per lot.  When mine arrived I arranged them on a paper plate and put them on our table as a centerpiece that morning.  They had so much fun looking at them and laughing and remembering when they too had worn many of those, years and years ago.

The next day, Edna brought me a lovely pair of rhinestone earrings and told me she would not be wearing them again and she wanted me to have them.  I have not worn them yet – was saving them for the holiday season.  Now I will find it bittersweet when the season comes and I see them on my ears and…………….remember.

Yes.  It is true my friend.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him”.

But Edna!!!!  Her eye has seen and ear has heard and her mind no longer yearns  for the moment that she had when her last breath on earth brought her first breath with the Lord.

Thanks, Edna.  You were a quiet lady with the sweetest of smiles and a heart yearning for the day when you would see Him face to face.  You now have all of eternity to gaze upon the One who gave His all that you might have eternal life.

Completely engrossed in His care.

Marge H.

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