Have you……..

If you had the choice – who would you like to spend an afternoon with from Biblical times?

I have been thinking about it this afternoon.  A good day to “think”. The temperature out here at Youngstown was 116 this afternoon. Right now it is 7:13pm, and 113 out there. So much for “weather”.

I have always liked Peter because of his big mouth. I have one too.  Jesus never reprimanded him.  He was continually preparing Peter for the life ahead of him that He knew he would be living.

I am still one that really does like and understand one woman in the New Testament, that being MARTHA.

Now with Martha, Jesus did reprimand her. He said, “Martha, Martha…….” This is very important to know.  In those days, when you were called by your name TWICE, the Lord DID have something to teach you and he meant business. annnnnnnnd.  Martha is the only one in all of the Word that was called to attention and to shape up.  However Jesus did not get mad at her and tell her off. He simply told her what was the “better thing” to do.  And……..it was not working in the kitchen, preparing fine foods, puttng the beautiful linen tablecloth on with a magnificient centerpiece of all exotic kinds of fresh fruits and etc.

But if you read all of the various areas where Mary, Martha and Lazarus are mentioned, it always says that it was “Martha’s house” that Jesus and the disciples would come to for rest and relaxation.

Can’t you gals just imagine the feeling Martha had went she went to the market to get groceries to make that dinner!!  Can’t you just imagine what the table looked like!! How she probably planned for the disciple who always had heartburn, or the disciple who was a diabetic, or perhaps the one who hated coffee, drank only water.

They had their differences back in those days, though I am sure it was not like it is today but still the kitchen was the kitchen. Food was the food.  A full stomach satisfied with rich, wonderful  turkey, dressing and sweet potatoes  certainly went a long way to making them all feel comfortable and relaxed. Oh!  And that 3rd cup of coffee to sip after that tasty pecan pie.  Yes.  All were refreshed, revitalized, ready for any thing………ah…not so fast……any thing?  Only Jesus.  Only Jesus “knew” what was straight ahead.  Only Jesus!

But you know something, Jesus so lovingly talked to Martha and told her that really the one thing that was so important that day was what Mary was doing.  Mary was sitting at the College of the Feet.  Her long hair was softly “brushing” His feet as she had put drops of oil on them.  His preparation for burial.  Didn’t any one there know? Didn’t any one there remember all that He had taught along the way….all that He had strived to teach them as he taught the thousands and then as He had compassion on all of them and wanted to give them sufficiency to meet every one of their needs. What did the baskets of the leftovers mean as the disciples watched it all happen before their eyes – – not once but more than once.  Jesus could do anything…anything at all………rear the dead, feed thousands with one fish and one loaf of bread.  He could do anything He wanted to do.

That included deciding to die for me and for you.

It boggles my mind always when I read of times when the disciples who had been with him for three years, 35 hours a day, 10 days in a week and clearly they did not understand what He was saying.  Remember Thomas?  “Unless I see the nail scarred hands and put my finger in His side, I will not believe”. What!!!!!!!!!!! How could you say that Thomas??!!??  You saw Him!!!  Or……was it you Thomas that ran home and hid because you were afraid.  Oh Thomas!

Jump back to the Old Testament days with Abraham.  God talked to Abraham, a heathen at the beginning. Abraham believed him – every word that He spoke.  I am inclined to believe that I would “believe” more…. have “faith” easier, if God would speak to me.  But wait.  What about the disciples?? They had Jesus and their minds could not cope with what they saw/heard/understood.

The whole thing is hard to get a grasp on believe me!!  We must believe……must live by faith.  Ah.  Yes.  I remember now.  Belief in the Word is mental and Faith is actual. What is the difference between them?  The difference is that Faith is belief with legs on it.  Belief for us is knowing the Word of God.  Where  belief is knowing the Word of God……then Faith is knowing the God of that Word.

I am finding as I grasp this concept more fully each day and it is an each day affair believe me, but as I grasp it I am able to be more post-Thomas than pre-Thomas.

Living in the dispensation of Grace is wonderful, but there are times I would like to have a hedge put around me that no one, no where, in any way could tinker with and weaken.

Jesus’ death was such a strong-hold – – why did He do it when He knew my life, your life, all of our lives would be filled with sinful attitudes and living.  It was grace and mercy. My wallpaper on my MacBook pro reads, “His mercy is bigger than any of your mistakes.” How can that be we ask ourselves!  It is simply God. Nothing more  Nothing less.  Nothing else.  Simply a GOD-thing!!!!!

In His Grasp tonight!


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