God IS Good……

God is sooooooooo good, isn’t He!!!!

Yes, yes, and YES!!!!!  It is Sunday and I am sitting here remembering.  I think this is what ole ladies do in their old age.  Remembering.  On August 28th, it will have been 40 years since we moved to the Tempe area to live.

There was so much all wrapped up together in that move.  Letting go.  I don’t really think I ever did really let go. Years in a country that was so special.  Of course the year we moved to Winnipeg was 1967 and it was Centennial Year for Canada and ALL year-long huge celebrations every where.  And for people moving to the country it was a great way to get to know Canada. That summer we went to Expo in Montreal.  Another huge exciting time.  So much to see.  Thanks Canada for showing us your greatness and the people and their love.

I remember Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister – as I recall he married a gal much younger than he and they had twin boys born on Christmas morning one year.

All of the holiday season festivities  – – the ice sculpturing, the huge igloos made out of ice blocks with a different colored light in each one.  St. James Collegiate was always adorned with HUGE ice sculpturing.  One year they had an old-fashioned car – full size. As we would drive down the street each one made you feel like you were in a fairyland.

The cold, cold winters, so beautiful.  Nothing got dirty – it was too cold.  You could go outside and hang your arms at your side and part of your hands would be in the snow.  And the snow.  It would glisten at night  And the Northern Lights.  We would stand in our backyard and watch them quietly dance across the black curtain of night.

And then our little hideaway for our anniversary dinners:  Hy’s Steakhouse. Upstairs.  Quaint. BEAUTIFUL

As I write tonight and as I remember my heart is so thankful to my Lord for those wonderful years. They were the zenith of years for me. And how the Lord is allowing, one by one, for many of what was then our “young” people, somehow seeing my name on Facebook and connecting.  I have to come back to life though and realize that I am a g’grandma and those “young” people are grandparents now.  Ho hum.

I keep track of my statistics for my Blog and yesterday there were 14 Canada and 1 US.  The ratio is not usually that far apart, but it IS far a part.

To each of you Canadians, know that you were, you are, and you always will be in my heart.  You wiggled your way in and locked the door behind you.  And I am so glad!!!!

Hey!!!!  you Omegans………how about buying this ole gal a container of Hy’s Seasoning Salt?  Not a large one – but the smallest they have.  I want to have the container for keeping.  Of course.  You can send an empty one!!!!!  Who would think of that except you all!!!!!  But the outside has to look PERFECT!!!!!!  lol

On His Road, Marge


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