Establishing Priorities in Life, One at a Time.

I am finding as I set goals for myself (and weekly works best for me) I am able to be less frustrated when I find I have not done all I have expected to do in a week’s time.  Here are some of the things I have learned from Conferences and personal study in the past twenty years.  Perhaps something will spark your imagination and let lose in you so that you too will have more desire, more willingness to let go and let God take over in your life.

“Remember your obligation is to please God, not man. Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all activities”.

“Write out a list of what tasks you have to accomplish.  Don’t get frustrated over items not completed. Move them to a new list.  Periodically, review previously established priorities”.

“Establish specific short and long-term goals.  Determine an order in which you feel they should be accomplished. Recognize the need to change priorities when appropriate.”

“Determine which of your various priorities will create lasting value.  Define some absolutes. Be careful that all priorities don’t become absolute necessities. In establishing your priorities, determine what only you can do.  Seek the aid of others when possible.  Can they handle the task more easily”?

“Fit your small work assignments into available “gaps” of time.  Enjoy seeing small tasks completed”.

“Act.  don’t react.  Discipline yourself to take the initiative.  Don’t react to what others see as your priorities. However, don’t postpone  a relationship problem you could solve quickly by taking immediate action”.

“Mix up the kind of activities you’re involved with.  Set aside for later action items where you’ve hit a stopping point.  Variety adds spice to the day.  Maintain a sense of balance”.

“Allow adequate time to complete a priority assignment.  Close the door to your Study and your Mind when necessary”.

“Accept PRIORITY setting as a spiritual task.  Realize God’s timing might be different from yours.  Claim the promise that, ‘The truth (of Jesus Christ) has set us free’.  RELAX!!!  ENJOY!!!! ”

On occasion, I have simply picked out one or two of the above and put them to work in my attitude of work for any given day.  One cannot do it all, all the time.  But in order to make some rhyme or reason to your work, it is a good idea to have a plan, a map if you will, of what you are hopeful of getting accomplished.  As well, getting as much done as possible and still have your sanity in the end.

Happy establishing……


Marge H.


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