So blest

I am so blest today!  So rich in memories and life as it once was!

I marvel at Facebook.  Everyday I see more names of people that we knew years and years ago.  We left Winnipeg in August of 1978.  Talk about being ancient. THAT …… is ANCIENT time!!  That was THIRTY years ago.

You know the people of Winnipeg were absolutely wonderful in every way.  Oh. Of course.  Not everyone agreed on everything in the church.  May I remind you that if they had, some one would not have been necessary!!  Good differences can produce an enormous amount of growth in a person.

I remember so well the Sunday evenings after church.  Three or four couples would be in a host home for coffee or tea and pie or dainties.  Boy!!  Did those women ever know how to cook! It was just the thing to do on Sunday nights.  How I still miss those precious times.

I learned just this week that the organist during the time I was the pianist passed away some time back.  It left a lump in my throat and a hollow spot in my stomach.  I remember one noon during the holiday season, one year, when I had five ladies over for a Christmas luncheon and she was there.  But now, every lady that was sitting at my dining room table is Home with our Lord.  Every one!

Oh the snow that we would have!!!  Sometimes on Hallowe’en it would snow and we would never see the ground again until May.  It was so, so, so cold and so, so, so beautiful because of the cold.  The snow never looked dirty because it never got warm enough to melt until springtime. I do remember though we had a long, long icicle from a drain pipe down to the ground and it would actually begin to drip a bit when it was in the minus teens, because that was warm for the temperatures.  WOW. I will never forget.

I have a lot of Canadian people reading my Blog.  All of you.  Please know you will always be in my heart some time or other during each season, I remember the music – each director we had and the difference they made in my life.  I remember the Cantatas we did each Christmas.  I remember the SS programs.  What fun!!  I remember the Music Committee meetings and then keeping the schedule up and current each week of the month. Some times we were changing people around to fit schedules but it always was a blessing when they sang or played or spoke.

Vic Delamont was at the piano one afternoon and as he played he used a form of an arpeggio that I loved but didn’t know how to do it.  He taught me. I use it ALL the time and have for all these years.  It is a double arpeggio as you are going up.

Well.  Be blest.  My email address is and my cell number is 623-512-8683.  I live at LifeStream Senior Complete Living in Youngtown, AZ  My address is 11315 W. Peoria Ave.  Apt. A8, Youngtown, AZ 85363

Always know my door is always open and you are so very welcome at all times.  Not long ago Wilma Forster visited me one afternoon.  God blesses me so richly with friends.

In His Hands and On His Road




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