Before I quit….

Before I quit writing for the week I want to touch base with you once more and ask you – plead with you- – beg you to go to Love Worth Finding

Pull up Bible Studies and find “How To Repair Your Broken Faith”.  Print it out.  It will be 9 pgs., double-sided.  Be sure you don’t try to work it on the computer – you can’t make it all happen if that instrument is being used.

This is such an important Bible Study and Dr. Rogers is super great.  He uses nothing but the Bible – no extra books with numbered statements and lines for you to fill in.  This is wonderful – we use the Bible ONLY for the answers and he tells where and once we find the spot then we fill in words.  Strictly scripture.  You will never ever, ever, ever learn as much as you do with this kind of method because of that simple fact:  the Bible ONLY is used.  Please.  Just once. Print this and do the study.  It should take several days if you are delving deeply into meanings and the Faith issue.

Let me give you some of the high points for myself.  I have been on it all week and still not finished.

Faith is the mark of the Christian.  It is what we are known for.

There is no greater evil than unbelief.  He explains this.

Four times the Bible says, “the just shall live by faith.”

Faith above all things, pleases God.  If you please God, it doesn’t matter whom you displease, and if you displease God it doesn’t matter whom you please.

Regarding the Tower of Babel.  The people wanted a name for themselves.  In Gen. 11, the people were so taken up with what THEY were going to do.  God was not mentioned. No one remembers them today.  With God, His “I Will” stands revered through all the centuries.

Then I like it as Dr. Rogers goes deeper into the Word  It becomes richer. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  Faith does not rest on a road map but in a relationship with God.

Then he goes on to bring us back to What Faith is.  Believing the Word of God is the root of Faith. Acting on the Word of God IS the Faith.  Think about this for a moment.

He said once before there is a concept to grasp.  Memorize it, I suggest.

Believing the Word of God is mental. Faith is actual.

The difference between belief and faith is that faith is belief with legs on it.

Belief is knowing the Word of God.  

Faith is knowing the God of that Word.

He tells us that Dr. Warren Wiersbe has said, “Faith is not believing in spite of evidence – that’s superstition.  Faith is obeying God’s Word in spite of circumstances or consequences.”

We do not live by explanations, we live by promises.

I will leave you at this point.  I am only half way through the Study. Much more to go.  This is my second time and I am reaping magnificent riches for my soul.  You will too.

Digging deeper into the Gold Mine!


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