WOW! Different days …..

Plans had been made previously to take my beloved g’daughter and her husband out for dinner before the little “tag along” arrives.  They had just arrived Monday evening to pick me up when the down burst came.  I thought it would be postponed but no – – you know these young ones – nothing phases them……………yet.  So we went. When we got home some of the transformers to the east of our long white fence had blown and thus……. no electricity for part of the South campus.

Getting all of the assisted living people out and over to other places along with their meds and everything else they needed was quite a task.  Some remained in their rooms and did not leave the campus.  But I chose to go off campus.  All insulin was lost ($4,000 worth but the Co replaced it for free).

How times have changed.  Used to be, when we were without electricity you sat tight until it was on again.  HOWEVER…………….it did not come on until late Wednesday afternoon.  So my two “kids” got their phones and thumbed through all the places around that had what I wanted/needed and before you knew it I was packed up and little ole Od and I spent some time at Comfort Suites just south of the Stadium in Westgate, and Lia had all my refrigerated items packed up to take to her place. Not a bit of electricity or a phone book was needed as it was once upon a time.  It is a new day and a new way.

Oh!  How I remember our times at least once a month and sometimes twice a month to spend a night out up in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley.  But you know those times were good and wonderful but I am not there any more and it did not hold for me what it once held. Oh!  I was very grateful for the place and the time there and the food was good but it was a “need” not an enjoyment as it once was with my husband.

Od and I are settling in once again to home as we know it and it is nice to be home with the thought once again being – – times have changed and it is good.  Od is by my side and my coffee on the table beside me – what more could I want on a Thursday morning in Youngstown, AZ., in July of 2018!!

In His Care as always.


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