It’s Sunday….

It’s Sunday and my g’daugher graciously came over yesterday and set up my new laptop for me.  I got a bigger screen this time and it is very nice.  I like seeing my dvd’s on my laptop – – convenient too.

I have said this before, but I want to stress it again. LOVE WORTH FINDING – Dr. Adrian Rogers.  Dr. Rogers is Home now but the Word lives on. He was a very unique man – had a gift for developing Bible Studies in an interesting fashion.

I am presently doing one of his entitled, “How to Repair Your Broken Faith”. He always does his in a way that does not want you to think of an answer yourself but you use ONLY God’s Word to answer.  It is amazing how much Truth you see, you feel, you understand, you absorb.

I know there are some gals out there today who are popular but most of what they say/write pleases one’s understanding sort’ve.  This man delves deep into the Word and expounds in such a rich, understanding way.

When I got to a certain paragraph yesterday I had to stop and think about it. He talks about the “deadly mistake”. I am going to print it exactly as he wrote.  Here it is.

“What started this deadly progression was that Eve did not believe God.  She fell into sin because of unbelief.  People today don’t go to hell today because they steal, lie, or commit adultery, for those sins have been paid for with the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Most people have it exactly backward.  Ask any person on the street who is not a Christian how they are going to be admitted into Heaven.  They will answer that they think/hope their good deeds will, by the time they die outweigh their bad deeds. The bad deeds – if they reach some nebulous tipping point will send them to hell.  (Not them of course – – some other poor hapless person.)

The Bible says, “No.  To the contrary.”

Then he refers to John 3:18.  “He that believes on Him is not condemned, but he that does not is condemned already because he hath not believed.”

The red words are the blanks I fill in using the Bible only.  This is far more useful to learning than filling in what one thinks which usually is not right.

Then after this he says the following:  “Think about it.  The reason men and women go to hell today is they have not believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

All of our sins are covered by Jesus going to the Cross.  But the sin of unbelief is the biggest and most wicked of all.  And  it is not covered, so as to speak.   Sins are  covered and forgiven and we go on in our Christian living.  Remember, “all have sinned” and also “if we say we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and the truth is not in us”.

But with the sin of unbelief we cannot be forgiven, as we are with the other sins of our lives.  With them we ask forgiveness and know we have received it and move on.   When we are forgiven of unbelief we change and we believe and we are “changed” and belong to Him. But until we get out from under the umbrella of unbelief we are as dead and lost as a doornail.

A gal asked me if I was going to always write about the Bible.  The answer is yes, yes, yes.  For the rest of my  life that is what I will be doing.  I also suggest if you are one (of several) that only want to keep track of what I am doing, it ain’t gonna happen. My life is no longer an advertisement for my computer.  All is well.

For the rest of you come alongside from time to time and you may receive rest, strength, even a deep awe for your Lord.  Remember always it is never God and………it is never the Bible and………. it is always and forever God ONLY !!!  He will never send you elsewhere.  No place in the Bible can you point to that.  NO PLACE!!  If you are going elsewhere, it is Satan and him along working in your life and you have a major, major problem. You are not a candidate for being Homeward Bound until you believe, believe, believe.  God DOES NOT ever, in any verse in the Bible send you elsewhere.  The only time He was talking with Satan was concerning Job.  God let Satan have at him but he could not kill him.  Just remember- – yes God allowed it but with restrictions on what he could do.  So be it with all of us.

True to Him and Him alone!



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