Start of a new week….

Always wonderful to wake up on a Monday morning and realize that a new week is under way and as yet, when I get out of bed, I have done nothing to be ashamed of and may the Lord keep me in His care so that my day will end as fresh and free as it began.

I saw something today that I want to share with you.

“I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.”  

One morning as I sat for coffee with a friend we sorrowful spoke of another friend who had to report to the Lord the night before and it wouldn’t have been a funny meeting either”. He had openly and boastfully let it be known that  “there was no God and if there should be he was not interested at all in Him.  He had done nothing for him.  When he died it would be poof and he would be gone.”  Boy!  Talk about how empty one can feel.

But then a lot of people will tell you they believe in God. But so what.  You need to believe and then ACCEPT HIS SON and that is the major stumbling block.

Living where I do you see people pass away on a regular basis sometimes two in the same day.  Two of my friends passed away in one day about a month ago.  One at 4:30am and the other around 9:15pm.  You tend to be more cautious about how you think and how you feel and how you respond to those around you whom you know have nothing to do with your Lord.

I find so many people live for where they can go, what they can do, what they can get out of life.  There is so much richness to life particularly in your later years when your time seems slowed down and you have fewer appointments.  Time is so precious and we need to redeem time because we are so blessed to have it and to make good use of it.

“Remember when you kill time, it has no resurrection.”


In His Hands and His timing.


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