Sunday ~~

Last Sunday~~~~~~sweet


I had a wonderful morning at church last week. I did the Ministry in Music and how the Lord blest!!

I played a number entitled Jesus Loves Me set to the tune of Clair de Lune.  You heard both so plainly.

I had been in 2 Kings and 3:15 caught my eye (out of context, of course).  It reads, “Then it happened.  When the musician played, the hand of the Lord came upon him”.  Well.  The hand of the Lord did not come upon the musician. It was upon Elisha.

In those days when leaders were in turmoil mentally, they would ask for a musician to play the harp and sing. Elisha was faced with three Kings and he was not very happy with their request nor did he want to advise them.  But he had a friend in Jehoshaphat and so he needed the umph to do as he should.  Thus the musician.

But for me, I simply asked for the Lord to come over my hands and blest the music to the heart of the congregation.  And He did. When the Lord is honored and glorified with all you are doing, there is a great deal of satisfaction in the heart and soul.

It is amazing.  I have been through so much. So many pianos purchased/sold/or given away just to get rid of them.  Opportunities – several times – nothing would stick for me.  I am surprised that any one has given me another chance, let alone an opportunity PERIOD!!!

With the closure of a whole decade now behind I am complete once again. Complete. I wonder.  Is that the correct word……Never really complete but probably just to say I am useful once again would make it a more truthful statement.

Emmanuel is such a precious church.  So friendly.  So much love is shown.  And to think the Lord chose that church for me to be a part.  He does the planning as to when I play and leads me forward in the choice of music.

In the end it will be an amended version of the ole lady that one time so long ago He had the thought of in his mind.  She became obstinate and went her own way.  But, like the prodigal son, knew enough to come back Home where the Lord was waiting with open, nail scarred hands and from each scar fell forgiveness with no strings attached. Praise His Holy Name!!!!!

Do you know Him?  If not, He is simply one prayer away.  Just call Jeremiah 33:3.  He will answer.  Always.  Never too busy for you.  He wasn’t for me.

In His Hands


“The measure of a life after all, is not the duration but it’s donation.”

Corrie ten Boon



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