Interesting days….

Interesting days behind me……

These past ten days have been spent in three places:  the bed, glider with the heating pad, the chair with the ice pack.  :(.  Back spasms returned.  My own fault.  Moved a kitchen table outside to be picked up by the Salvation Army and then changed flower pots around and one was a huge one full of dirt.  Knew the minute I did it I had done a biggie.

I have a major problem.  I have a 73 year old mind and an 83 year old body.  They don’t think alike.  But the table will be picked up this week and the flower pots are all spoken for.  I am not having any thing more like that. Will get some silk flowers and change them each season.

By the time I got to church, after ten days of spasms, they seemed suspended. As of this writing which is at 7pm Sunday evening, I have put the heating pad away as well as the ice pacs and sitting comfortably with little Od beside me asleep. He is the sweetest little boy.

Friday afternoon I hurt so badly I went to bed. Od got up on his chair and then onto the bed, laid beside me and didn’t move or arf.  He has so much love.

Interesting week and wonderful Sunday to say the least. My piano work was a blessing and I had such a warmth and peace within.  Music has a way that nothing else can touch. With a huge lesson learned, too.  I can’t do all the things I used to do. Admit it.  Accept it.  Move on.  Goin’ do it!!

In His Hands.  Marge


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