Funny!  Time seems to race.  Other times it mopes along and yet the second hand on the clock stays within perfect rhythm and never misses a click.

Today is the tomorrow that we were concerned with yesterday.  Can’t sleep tonight.  Had back problems for two days – in bed most of the time with that.

Loren maintains his being in my thoughts.  Out of no where I remembered, tonight,  how he would always do a back exercise every morning faithfully before getting out of bed. I remember saying to him, “You are so disciplined”.  He would fire back, “I am not disciplined”.  But everything is relative.  It was his consistency that became his middle name it seems.  Always so consistent in everything; temperament, likes, dislikes, following through, staying true to his Lord. It was in his silence that he spoke volumes.

Have you ever just sat and thought about time?  We always say, “past, present, future”.  But in reality it is the reverse.  We have future first (tomorrow), then it becomes present (today) and then when today is over it becomes past (yesterday). Then the cycle begins all over again.

There is no place in the OT that speaks of time. The understanding of time came from how it described the events of human life and God’s interaction with people.  Time was measured from harvest and agricultural occurrences.  Ruth and Naomi arrived in Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest (Ruth 1:22).

For the Greek, things did not happen “in time”.  Things happened and the happenings were time.

Oh Time!  Be Still!


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