New Beginning….

A NEW BEGINNING….with an old flame!  Ah yes….MUSIC!!

I have been a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Sun City for just over a year now. Have had several months when I could not attend church due to my back.  The back, seemingly, is something that I am learning I will have to live with and to make the best of it. Two back surgeons have told me I am not a candidate for surgery.  Be that good or bad, I can’t tell you.

But besides that problem, music has always been some where, some way, some how, not too far from me.  Some times loathing it.  Some times enveloping it.  Some times hating it.  Sometimes!  Sometimes!  But always it has lingered and stubbornly been in the background one way or another.

The church has been very appreciative of God’s gift to me.  I have done the morning prelude  several times and I have enjoyed it.  Last week I was asked to do a special this coming Sunday morning, June 24th.  I am excited about it!  I don’t know how long I will be able to play but the fact that I can play and the fingers still will do the work and the mind is still together enough to make it all happen,  I find to be very encouraging.

My mind goes back years ago when I had Youth Choir, CnC Choir, Worship Choir plus group rehearsals each week.  A mind and fingers that worked quickly along with those 3″ heels. Fast pace! A time when I carried notebooks of music with me to fill any need a pastor might decide on the spur of the moment that he wanted. Deadlnes! Ah yes!  There was a time.

Then the horrible tsunami that hit my soul.  Thirteen notebooks all prepared, some with music that I no longer could find or purchase….Tossed one Sunday afternoon into the trash bin.  Five pianos, each one thinking I would be able to pick music up again.  Not so!!!  The opportunity was mine, here in Sun City to pick up again and play as I once had at Grace Community in Tempe, so long ago.  The director told me they considered their choir small when they had 100 out on a Sunday morning.  Beautiful, beautiful music.  I threw it all away.  Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get out of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the old woman has lowered the heels and the body does not look as it once did and time is taking its toll, but even so I can still play and I believe in a pleasing way for my Lord.  After all.  He gave it to me.  All I have to do is use what He gave.  He will take care of the production of it, I am sure.

I have chosen a piece of music that I have had quite a few years but never played it publicly.  It is entitled, “Jesus Loves Me”,  (based on Clair de Lune).  Clair de Lune is very prominent.  Jesus Loves Me is very prominent.  Beautiful arrangement.

In OT times, it was very important, that music be skilled.  Psa. 33:3. 1Chron. 15:22.  David had a choir of 288 voices – all skilled.

We want to do our best, work hard at the music and shine – – both those in the “performance mind of things” and those in the “ministry mind of things”.  We all want to do our best buttttttttttttttttt…………………..the ministry minded person goes one step further and that is 2Kings 3:15. “Then it happened when the musician played, that the Hand of the Lord came upon him(her)”.      One word:  “ANOINTED”!

Oh I pray whenever and wherever I play again that I will do my VERY BEST so that the Lord can anoint my music. It has always been my deepest yearning.

God cares about what I give Him:  Is it my best, or is it my best excuse!!

Because of Him!


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