A new Beginning……..

Welcome Brazil, Canada and Israel! Readers are from far and wide.  You are so welcome. I pray you will find encouragement or help along the way whenever you stop by.  Blessings!

As I begin to post again and as I see people all around me without the Lord, my eyes shut and my heart sinks. Soooooo often, my husband and I would talk about people and why they could not see the light.  Loren would always say, “you have to believe in the Bible.  What you do with Jesus Christ makes a world of difference.” So true.

I want to look at a portion of Acts with you.  In particular, Acts 8:25-40. I will not take the time to print it out but you can find it for yourself.  It is a very dynamic piece of the Word.  PHILIP:  Right man with RIGHT message in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT person. He started on a donkey, hitchhiked in the desert and returned home via air.  CAN’T BEAT THAT!!!

I like vs. 29 where it reads, Then the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go near and overtake this chariot.”  Then we read what Philip actually does. “So Philip ran to him…….”  The Spirit told hm to go near.  He RAN

If Philip had felt tired and really didn’t want to go make this “visit”, he would not have arrived at the chariot as the Eunuch was reading. He explained the portion of the Word to him and he accepted it right then and there.

How often are we called to make that visit or phone call and really feel too tired or simply don’t want to go out at that time.  We miss such a blessing.

When you are SENT…. and WENT.YOU ARE!

Acts 4:12 !!!!  “..There is salvation in no one else for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

This is not a denomination “thing”.  Strictly Scripture!  Very clear.  Hell will be full of people burning for all of eternity because of the refusal of accepting this verse.  WOW!!!!!!!

in His Hands.  Marge



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