Things to know….

Lots of things to know…..

Living where I do, one may find quite a few bugs.  (That is just the way it is with so many people with different backgrounds and ways of life and being old).  When I first got a look at my apartment which I had been waiting for, there were what we call “sewer bugs” in the kitchen light.  It seemed that it was the only bug they could not get rid of.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!  They didn’t know this ole lady.  I FOUND A WAY!!  Hip Hip Hurray.

Bell Howell ULTRA SONIC PEST REPELLERS.  Sold only at Walmart. You plug them in to every wall socket and if you have a power bar, plug one in to it as well.  I have 3 in the kitchen, 3 in the LR, 3 in the BR and 1 in the Bath. (Remember basically I have one big room.  How I divide it makes it a Kit., LR, BR)  Ants..Mice..Spiders..Roaches.  They do not stand a chance.  If you have a hamster it is best not to use them.  They do not affect dogs or cats.  It is simply a very high frequency sound that they cannot stand.  I have been here 9 months and not one bug has confronted me.  They won’t, either. I am bombarding them from every angle and I will continue to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How about talking food after THAT!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A treat for any time of the year.  I have a friend who used to do these for Christmas time and now I do them the year around.

1 bag of PRETZELS AND WHITE ICING.  Get the cheapest icing that Safeway or Frys have.  You only taste the sweetness of the icing – the pretzel is stronger and no need for expensive icing when no one really cares.  Melt the “icing” and then dip the pretzel and lay it on wax paper until dry. Fun to make.  Fun to eat all year long.

LIME PIE – SUMMER STYLE   Graham cracker crust, 1 can Borden’s condensed milk and juice of 4 limes.  Mix milk and juice together and immediately pour into cracker crust.  Refrigerate.  Put a dab of Cool Whip on each serving.   Nice.  Cool.

What about a QUICK POTATO SALAD?  1 can diced potatoes*, 1 pkg. of onion/celery and Miracle Whip, along with some SnP.  Nothin’ to it.  Don’t turn up your nose.  You have not tasted it.  It is a time saver and very good.  *Can’t find diced potatoes?  Walmart has them. Otherwise, purchase a can of potatoes and cut them to size.

VERY EASY COOL DESSERT!   One pkg. of any flavor Jello. Prepare and let set.  Use mixer and mix Jello with Cool Whip and let it re-set.  Nice for summer and not filling either.

As I am beginning all over again to post and a lot of my previous postings are no longer online, I will answer a couple of questions from the past.  If there is something you want to remember, print it and file it in your files – you will have it then.

The question is how do you remember to take meds?

Before going to bed put one bottle on the vanity.  When I get busy in the a.m. and don’t get my meds taken early on then when I see the bottle on the vanity, I know I have not taken them.

When fasting.  Before going to bed put a bottle upside down and leave it until you come home from your blood work. BEFORE YOU GET BUSY WITH SOMETHING ELSE, you will see the upside down bottle and remember that you haven’t taken your meds yet.

How do you keep from running out of items you need and use all the time?

There is a rule of thumb for all things from ink for the printer to toothpaste. When you take the last one from the shelf, purchase it the next time out.  Do not wait until you have used the last item. Get it when you open the last item.  There is no need to be out of ink for your printer and find none in your desk at 2am in the morning!!

Saving magazines w/recipes or articles you want later?  Staple a file card to the inside of the cover, write the name of the article and the pg. on it.  You will only have to open the cover to see if what you are looking for is in THAT one.  A time saver for me for sure!!!!!! After you have seen the magazine and if there is nothing in there to save – TOSS THE MAGAZINE – -no need to keep it.  Less Clutter!!

Save your TOILET TISSUE ROLLS – –  Cover them with Contac paper and use them to hold extension cords or power bars (can use Paper Towel Rolls for power bars – they are heavier). Then hang them up.

Hope you find something here to put into practice.  There are so many things out there to help us move forward at a smoother pace.  It just takes some discipline.  (Look at who said THAT!)

It has been proven, whereby if you do something for 21 times in a row, it has become a habit for you.  Try it.  See for yourself.


Til later then.  Marge11915117_10206045722115126_7853916794531100132_n.jpg

(So glad to be back.  I feel the goodness of posting already within my soul!)

I forgot – – one other thing.  If you find it hard to down some meds due to size, take warm water with them and tilt your head back slightly. When they are down finish them off with cold water.  It works for me.  Might for you , too.

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