So good

It is so good to return…..

logging is so therapeutic and I recommend it to all of you.  After a short time away I am returning and hope to have a green tea frap. or better yet, vanilla bean frap, as I write and you read.  (in my mind, that is!)

Some days, perhaps, it will be mostly recipes, or household hints, or simply thinking out loud and enjoying the moment with you again. The mini bible studies will return along the way as well.

It is very hot here in Youngtown and it will get hotter before summer arrives and then is over.  Od and I have a sweet studio apartment and other than for his waste management we are not about to take any walks that are unnecessary.  When it snows then we will walk more.  lol

I have had a period of time with my favorite domain lost.  I have never been a person to keep hard copies of things that I should.  I have learned my lesson.  It takes acres and acres of people to bring back a domain that you have lost due to ignorance.  Everything has to be identified/double-checked for proof and I could go on and on.

I can’t begin to tell you what the people are like at WordPress.  If you ever want to post/have a blog, etc., be sure WordPress is where you go. When you have problems they are so helpful.  I am not one with a lot of patience – of course you didn’t know that.  But I have certainly learned from them that it can be very costly (mentally) when you do not keep copies that you might need down the road.  I am remembering Adam, Sasha, Paul and Jamie and so many more that I am sure were there to keep them from throwing the book at me. Each one has this title after their name when they sign their communication: “happiness Engineer”.  That they are, believe me!!!!  They were so patient with me and didn’t laugh at me for being so dumb along the way.  I have learned a lot about what not to get rid of and what to keep FOREVER.  I do have to say I do enjoy the computer even though I wish now I had picked it up a decade before I did.  But hindsight is always better than foresight, isn’t it!!

To each of my readers, I apologize for the printing, somehow, of the post I was preparing for 6/20. My stats are off the wall in reading it.  I still show that I can click and it will post.  But that is not what happened somehow.  June 20th will have a special post though as it represents the end of the first decade without my Loren.  We will have to see what it was that I was supposed to say instead of what I did say…………….                                                            IMG_2224.jpgTil next time.  Marge, and Od of course!!

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