Bad news tonight…

I’m not sleepy tonight – bad news just came my way.

It is strange how we pick up a phone and not expect to receive a call from a person and then in the next moment you realize who is on the other end of the call and thus, you know right away the reason for the call.

A bit ago a precious friend called to tell of his father’s death this morning, early.  Arnold Pubantz – a man who stood tall and strong, full of character and integrity has passed the mantel.

We moved to Tempe, AZ in August of 1978.  It was because of Loren’s complete trust in Arnold, who was his Managing Director of Humphrey Products, that Loren felt we could make the move and still own the Company.  We were in the process of selling Humphrey Products but of course that took time and in the meantime, Loren needed the mind of Arnold to lead the company in his absence. It would be every Friday morning that Arnold would call Loren at 8;30 am and they would have their weekly business call.  Always looked forward to.

I remember when the Company was sold, Loren wanted to purchase a Rolex watch to give Arnold.  I can remember the day as though it happened yesterday.  He had made the choice of one and had it engraved for him.  Arnold was speechless……..and more speechless when he went to have it insured and found out what it cost!!!!!!  What fun those moments held.

Now we are left with more memories.  Memories of other times – other years – other spaces in life – with those we have held so dear through the years.  And so another box of memories is sealed, labelled and lifted high to be stored in the memory bank of our hearts,  and life continues and we look to this one man……remembering.

Arnold represented Christian ideals for living out his life and now, he has left his mark for his generation and for all of us who knew him, he has passed with flying colors and has received an A+.  I am sure the Heavenly Angels are singing  their welcome home song as they did for my Loren, now almost ten years ago.  He too, will have heard those words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” (Matt. 25:23a).

Remembering in a very special way~~~~~Marge


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