The Journey..

The Journey – difficult at times….

There are so many twists and turns and the Journey goes on and on and on.  Many of you reading my Blog are on that journey and I know one dear lady who just began the journey this past week.  She has not come to the milepost of any kind yet.  She has the holiday season straight ahead.  So awful. So hard.

Even with the 9th holiday season ahead for me, I find it hard to try to find a way through the maze of it all.  I am so grateful for Od.  When I come home, he is always right there, so eager to see me.  If you are one on this journey and don’t have one, you should consider.  Not a cat!!!!  They don’t supply the response that we need at this time in our lives.  I would suggest to you a dog that is just starting the senior years.  There are so many out there. Already trained.  Already in need of someone to love them. I went to  You click on the breed that you like and then search from there. I cannot begin to tell you what Od has done for me.  A“N“D, I cannot begin to tell you what I would be without him.

Yes.  The holidays continue to give a tug to the heartstrings.  I don’t think I will ever be able to get over the jolt to the heart that my Loren going Home presented.  I do  enjoy the way the stores are preparing for the holiday season.  I even enjoy going to  Fry’s and look at the things I used to buy as I began to bake for those weeks of entertaining that were ahead.  Oh.  For one more time to bake – to share – to enjoy each other and the holidays together.  I thank my Lord for memories.  Without them we would have so much emptiness.

If you have a relative who is without their spouse, don’t ignore them.  You don’t have that right, though you may “take it” anyway, still – – – – you have no idea what they are going through.  The holidays have begun – we can, really, enjoy deep within our hearts.  God is so very good to us and never forgets us. You can count on Him – – – – – – ALWAYS!!!!

In His eternal grasp – – Marge


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