Our Pastor preached one of the best, if not the BEST, sermon that I have ever sat under.  I am going to pick out bits and pieces of it for you.  You will get the point, I am sure.

The title was, “The Five Solas” (Alones). (Remember I am picking out bits and pieces only)

First of all, let me give you an intro.  The man I am zeroing in on is Martin Luther.  At the age of 33 he had all he could take of the abuses of the church and thus the Ninety-five Theses were launched. He only wanted reform – not to be famous but instead he was excommunicated.  However he started a Protest movement. (Have you ever heard of the “Protestants”?)

He began to study the Bible and it was through those studies that God changed his life, then his country, and “now”…….the world.

I have friends who are not Christians and some of them are smart as a whip but they are heavy into the demon world, some in cults, most just having nothing to do with the Bible, thus Hell is straight ahead.  What a waste……….  I can tell you, if they would do what Luther did, honestly and earnestly, they would end up believing and turning from the ways that are leading them to Hell.

What did Luther do? He began to study the scriptures: the Psalms, Romans and Galatians.  These three books of the Bible are what changed his life.

I want to leave with you the Five Solas. These Five Solas impacted his life in this order.  God taught him that it is Faith alone, Grace alone, Christ alone, Scripture alone and living to the Glory of God alone.

The Roman Catholic Church always added to each teaching.  (This is what all false doctrines do.) They use the Bible but only in “addition” to writings of other people. The RCC would say faith and good works, grace and the sacraments, Christ and the Church, Scripture and Tradition and the Pope, to the glory of God and of self.

Our pastor this morning encouraged us and reminded us of 2Timothy 2;15.  “be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. Then he followed that by saying, “we are called to know God’s word, believe God’s word and live God’s word every day of our lives.

I want to leave you with the five Solas and a question for each, from his sermon time.

It is through Faith Alone!  (Is your salvation through Faith Alone?)

It is through Grace Alone!  (Is your salvation because of God’s Grace Alone?)

It is by Christ Alone!  (Is your salvation in Christ Alone?)

It is by Scripture Alone! (Is your salvation grounded in the Scripture alone?)

Salvation is to the glory of God Alone!  (Is the goal of your salvation to the glory of God?)

Pastor Dan, this morning, challenged us all with this!

“God is calling us to Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Christ Alone, Scripture Alone, and living to the Glory of God Alone.  God does not need us. He is sufficient in Himself.  To His glory though, He enjoys including us humans.  Commit to knowing God.  He is the God that gives salvation.  Commit to sharing His grace and truth.  He is the God that can change hearts and minds.  Follow Him.  God enjoys hearing your public confession and decisions.”

The Word comes to my mind ~!~!~!~!~ Found in Psa. 50:15b.

“I want you to trust Me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you, and you can give Me glory“.

To God be the Glory. Great things He has done!!!  Marge

If any of you would like a copy of Pastor Dans “notes”, I would be happy to make a copy and send them to you.  Let me know!!

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