What ever happened to ~~~~~~

I just finished my post from my Pastor’s sermon this morning. Excellent!  I want to share with you a bit about Martin Luther before you read that Post.

He was born 11/10/1483.  He died 2/18/1546.  He was 63.  He married Katherine von Bora – a nun who had left her convent, in 1525. They were married 21 years and had 6 children.

A few days before his death he had written his beloved Katie. Katie was very concerned and fired off a letter to him saying such.  Then he wrote her this!!!

“I have a caregiver who is better than you and all the angels.  He lies in a manger and nurses at his mother’s breast, yet he sits at the Right Hand of God, the Almighty Father.”

The town of Eisleben  was the town of his birth and the town of his death.  Just before he died he preached his last sermon, using two simple texts.

Psa. 68:19.  “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation!”

He then cited John 3:16.  He followed that by saying, ” Our God is indeed a God of salvation and that salvation comes through the Word of His Son.”

It has been said that when Luther preached they did not see Luther, but instead saw Christ and Him Crucified”.  THAT was, is, and will, forever be Luther’s legacy!

WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE??????????????????????????????


Constantly admitting my need of Him!  Marge

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