FAITH: (Day 2)

Yesterday we learned that Faith has no definition.  We do find a description, though.  And in that description we see that Faith is not wish-washy – it is strong – – like cement.  It is not thin like ice but something we can “stand on”, jump up and down on and nothing will happen to it.  It is spiritually strong!

We as humans make light of the word “Faith”.

a.  I hope it rains tomorrow.

b.  I hope the kids get home for the holidays.

c.  I hope I get that raise next month.

d.  I hope our home sells soon.


And……we “I hope” for ever, in frivolous ways.  But that is NOT the Faith found in Heb. 11:1.

Today.  We are going to look further into this verse at another word:  “hoped”

“Faith is the substance of things “hoped for”.  “Hoped for”.  That sounds like getting back onto thin ice, doesn’t it!!

The Study which I am doing on Faith finds the writer making so much sense of the Bible’s meaning of “Hope”.

He says, “the Bible’s ‘hope’ means ABSOLUTE ASSURANCE BASED ON THE WORD OF GOD.” (He suggests that you write this in the margin of your Bible.)

“Faith is something REAL.  It has a substance, a basis, something to stand on based on an absolute assurance, based on the Word of God.



As I showed in my comments in a. to d. above those are not good usages of the word FAITH.  It has nothing to do with FAITH as the Bible shows us.

But as we read those first 8 words in 11:1 the last 4 of those words trim our description of how we should use the usage of “faith” in our daily living.

It requires that we ‘know” the Word.  Not superficially but by dissecting it word for word and determining the depth of each word and each phrase of the verses that we use OFTEN in our communicating.  I believe by so doing, we not only can learn more deeply the Word of God, but we can make “use” of it more empathically in our lives with the way we live and have a much closer walk with our Lord, by thus doing.

The writer of the Bible Study I am using is/was Dr Adrian Rogers, now Home with his Lord.  He was a great Bible teacher/speaker/communicator/writer and whatever else you can say about him.

I found out a long time ago that you can follow someone in a study and find that they may later on do an update on their work but when you use the Bible there ain’t no updating because it is NEVER OUT OF DATE.  Always CURRENT.  So no matter who is the teacher, the material never needs updating when the Bible is the main material used for study.  And there is no better Author than the Lord himself.  Amen????

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