FAITH ~~ that possesses “us”! (Day 1)

Hebrews 11:1.

Some people say this is the definition of Faith.  It really isn’t.  There is no definition of Faith in the Word.  Heb. 11:1 is the “description” of faith, if you will.  A definition defines.  A description “describes”.

Definition:  The action or power of making definite and clear.

Description;  An account that presents a picture.

Let’s begin to dissect it – almost word for word.


The Bible says that Faith is the SUBSTANCE.  What is “Substance”?

The English is much like the Greek word.  It implies “sub” and “stance”. “Sub” ~~ the Dictionary suggests that “sub” means  under …. beneath. “stance” means “a way of standing”.  In other words ~~~~ Faith is strong. It is like steel or concrete.  When we step out on thin ice, the ice quickly cracks and we go under.  No. No.  Not Faith…. Faith is underneath – it is strong – it is real.  It is the substance.

Digest this and ask our Lord to make known to you the depths of the riches of learning the deepness of His Word.

Until tomorrow….Marge

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