Insurance: my style !!

I don’t know where to begin this post.  Insurance is wild.  But I tell you – without it you have a hopeless case – – – WHEN you need it.

There are some companies – a few – out there that you pay up front and they pay you back – not all of it is promised during the next 30 days.  And to be trueful, you are not guaranteed the whole amount in any given length of time. So if you have charged let’s say, a $60,000 hospital/doctor bill to your credit card in hopes of being reimbursed during the next 30 days, probably that is wishful thinking so the interest begins to mount each month. The interest on 60,000 is in the 3 figure bracket and then watch it COMPOUND each month.  UGH!!! And the total then begins to COMPOUND astronomically!!!!

My husband had a hip replacement 18 years ago.  It WAS $60,000.  WHAT WOULD IT BE TODAY!!

I had my left knee replaced just four years ago. It was  $18,900.  WHAT WOULD IT BE TODAY! (I’ll tell you in November. My right knee is scheduled to be replaced then).

I do want to share REALITY with you from experience recently.  I needed to go to the Emergency Room one evening last month.  My g’daughter took me.  This eliminated at least several hundred dollars in paramedic fees.  The total cost for the 3 hours I was there was $5200.00.  That is not bad.  5200 is easier paid than 60,000.

Living where I am now, I see how much the medical world is needed every day and every night.  A dear one fell last night during the night and had to go to the hospital.  Last week another friend fell and literally tore the flesh from his arms as he apparently skidded on the floor as he fell.  He still has an open-wound area.

I want to go down a different avenue for this next paragraph.

Let me share with you an illustration from my own life that may help you realize that you DO REALLY need insurance.  Long Term and/or Assisted Living. I am shocked at how intelligent people have made the decision in their later years to not have this kind of insurance.  Their mentality is that “Their folks never needed it, they probably won’t either”.  DUMB is the word for this kind of thinking.

I have another friend.  One day, at home, they had their normal breakfast, reading the paper, etc.  He happened to be going by the bedroom door and found her on the floor.  He asked her what she was doing.  She was trying to find someone in the carpet.  She was picking at the carpet threads.  He tried to keep her at home but she became so violent.  It was 5 long years in a home and then she passed away.


Probably about 25 years ago Loren had a long term understanding of how the price of things were sky rocketing and he made sure that I had this kind of insurance available, when I would need it.

I have two long term policies.  I want to talk to you about one of them.

For the past ten years I have been paying $372.12 per quarter or $1,488.48 per year or $14,884.80 per ten years. (This is for one policy.  I have TWO – just so I will have sufficient funds WHEN not IF I need them)   In a ten year period I have paid out 14,884.80. I spent a lot of money on the policy but the company could easily spend FAR MORE on me in one year than I paid out in ten years.  Yes.  Interesting and scary fact.

Wasted money!!!!  Don’t be so quick to say that!

I have a friend in Assisted Living whose monthly statement is $4,100.00.  For one year that is $49,200.00.  A person can well live in Assisted Living for several years before moving to the next level of which, of course, it is even MORE than Assisted Living.  Now let me add something further to this.  She is able to get ACCESS.  Because her income in her life-time was so small that she gets under $1,000 per month income, so she qualifies for ACCESS.

Dear Friends – if you are without Insurance.  Wake up!  Go to an Insurance Agent who majors in all of the major companies.  They are not selling just one product, they have many to choose from so they will not lead you astray.   Don’t go to someone who majors in just one company.  It won’t work.  You will be the loser in the long run.  The right kind of an Agent will also keep abreast of when the monthly payments get too high and be ready to help change you to something else.  NO EXTRA FEE from this kind of any Agent.

I hope this has perhaps helped just one person.  I would hope more.  But if only one is helped then I have made a difference.

A Reminder.  Let’s talk about the G Plan.  ALL companies have the G Plan.  It is the same for all of them, buttttttt, the rate that is assessed is wildly different, depending upon the “name” of the company.  This is something that your Agent can attest to and of course, it is their job to keep “you” up and going. (There is now another Plan but I am using the G Plan as my example only.)

Happy Fishing for the right Plan for you and the right Agent.  Marge

P.S. I might add one thing further.  You may feel you don’t “need” real insurance but it is not IF you ever need it, but WHEN you need it.  It only takes a few months to spend every dollar you have and have to sell your home to-boot and every dollar of that will be in the twinkling of an eye.

My sister refused to get insurance.  Finally she gave in and got 3 years of long term insurance.  She lived several years PAST the 3 years.  I had to sell her home and every thing I could get my hands on to keep her payments going for her care.

It is not right to leave things in a dis-order because of your selfishness.  Very unfair to whatever family you might have left who has you dumped in their hands.  Think about it before doing that to someone later in life.


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