I Like this Man ~~~~

One of my favorite preachers from the past is Charles Spurgeon.  He was born in 1834 and died in 1892.  Upon the announcement of his death London went into mourning.

His convictions created controversy.  He never flinched though.  I like that!!

When he preached from Act 26:28, he said, “Almost persuaded to be a christian is like a man who was almost pardoned but he was hanged; like the man who was almost rescued, but he was burned in the house.  A man that is almost saved is damned.”

I don’t know where I found the following from.  I show it in my file as The Morning Hour.  Index 1002.  I have no idea where that is from.  But I like what I read and so I want to share it with you.

“The morning is the gate of the day and it should be well guarded with prayer.  It is one end of the thread on which the day’s actions are strung, and should be well knotted with devotion.  If we felt the majesty of life we should be more careful of its mornings.  He who rushes from his bed to his business and waiteth not to worship is as foolish as though he had not put on his clothes, or cleaned his face, and as unwise as though he had dashed into battle without arms or armor.  Be it ours to bathe in the softly flowing river of communion with God, before the heat of the wilderness and the burden of the way begins to oppress.”

Yip!  Guess who wrote that ~~~~ so many years ago but today~~~~ just as useful to our Monday morning (tomorrow) as if it was just hot off the press:  Charles Spurgeon.

Scriptures that were printed along with it were as follows:

Psa. 5:3, 119:147, Mark 1:35

I close this post with one of his famous sayings.

“He that is never on his knees on earth shall never stand upon his feet in heaven.

May your coming week be blest from Monday to Friday because of Him!

in His Hands.  Marge

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