The Mechanics~~~~

This move was, at one point, frustrating and the rest of the time laughable.  With this move, the total is ten moves. One moving company moved me three times.  The last time I called to get on their schedule, when I said, “This is Marge Humphrey”, the gentleman on the other end of the line said, “Oh, Miss Marge!  I know!!  40 boxes and 2 wardrobes.” I asked him how in the world did he remembered me!”  He said, “who else have we moved around the world!!”  Smartie!!

This time, since I was moving within the campus, I was given a Moving Company who had done a lot of moves here.  So when I called I was able to get the date that I wanted, but they never gave me a clear  cut answer to the number of boxes, etc. After trying several times to get answers I gave up.  Well there was a reason….

My book shelves with the books on them were simply wrapped in their clear plastic wrap and wheeled out to the truck.  The bed, intact, with the frame, was wrapped three times with straps.  Put on end and wrapped with – – guess what – – the clear plastic wrap, then it was wheeled out to the truck.  Then when they placed the furniture where I wanted it, they simply cut the tape and there we were – everything is place.  No wonder they didn’t/couldn’t tell me about boxes.  They were basically not needed. I had always had the equivalent of four boxes the size of apple boxes filled with books and then I would have to rearrange them in the bookcase when I was moved.  Not this time!!!!  It was simply wonderful in every way.

Their price was $245.00 per hour and a min. of 2 hours. When they finished, the guys cut the price down to $245.00 because he said my move was so easy.  That was peanuts to me.  My moves had been between $1,000 and $1600 so this definitely was DIFFERENT for me!!

But isn’t it funny how even a move can energize you into having so many different pieces of the mechanics working in so many different ways!!

Ho hum.  Back to normality.  Oh, no!!!!  Did I say that?  What is normal – anyway!!!! DON’T SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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