It is Monday evening – and tonight I sat on my patio watching the sun go down and realizing that there would be only three more nights here before Od and I would move to our accommodations more fitting for our living purposes.

To be so close to Hines/mail/transportation is a God-send for me. It was not all that long ago that walking was not that much of a problem but it has progressed and as well the back continues to be annoyed with me.  I am realizing that even though I am in fairly good health, still the age has brought on a new form of life and it is learning how to live with it and still be able to do “some things” I once did is a work in progress for sure.

Tonight though, I was thinking about life in general.  What happened to my generation that caused the next generation to be and do as they are.  Life is fast. Push button style.  No real-time for each other. Everything runs together in life. Money.  Money.  Money.  Living so above their means that life is strangling and no real enjoyment after-working-hours.  What DID my generation do ~~ or rather, NOT do!!!!!

After the dust settles from the move, I am going to zero in on the verses which I used in my Monday morning post on my Blog.  It is important to take those vss. and memorize them thoroughly and dissect them ~~ learn every thing I can about each segment of each verse.  Perhaps you will join me.  If we were to “live” ~~ actually LIVE ~~  those verses, our lives would be so much better.  The verses all sound good and we would like to think we live those verses but others don’t.  But in reality none of us live those verses.  It is a lot like Romans 3:23.  “ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God”.  ALL?  No. Not me.  Maybe you, but not me.  If that should be your “calling”, you are in real trouble, because God said, “ALL”.

I’ve been thinking again about the generation that came after mine.  WOW.  My generation was one who at least partially,  had hobbies, things they enjoyed in the quiet time of their evenings, perhaps.    And I have noticed here on campus when people have passed away and the family comes to get their things gathered up, they come with garbage bags and literally throw almost all, if not all, of their things in the big trash bin.  It is a common practice.  They don’t want what their parents had – not valuable to them.  I know in my own life I always thought it would be so nice to give things to those whom I loved while I was alive so I could see them use them and enjoy having them.

I remember one Christmas Eve my youngest g/daughter invited me for dinner.  She had candles on the table. My china, sterling and crystal adorning the table. Lia and Tyler and I sat down to a lovely dinner, served in such a pleasing manner. Foods were passed, soft music was playing. We didn’t yak every moment. I will never forget when I touched the fork after I sat down.  A thousand memories rushed through my mind as I laid the napkin in my lap.  The torch had been passed. And the blessing received was beyond words and  always will be in my heart.

We have to keep the “good” in our minds and our hearts because there is enough erosion in life to suffocate us if we do nothing about it.

My mind comes back to our new home.  So sweet.  All new cupboards, frig., even a new garbage disposal, new carpeting and paint job.  I know it will be so comfortable and beautiful.

The kitchen is small.  The kitchen counter is 15″ wide.  The ONE kitchen drawer is 7×19. The kitchen stove is 24″. A plexiglass cover is going on top for the microwave to set on. Yes. Much has been taken away now.  Emmanuel Baptist is having a garage sale in October and they have a lot of my things.  The first load has already gone and the second load is being picked up Thursday morning, early. The time has come for me to sort and re-sort and make way for the transition this time to be as smooth as possible.

There definitely has been a tug at the heart-strings.  But at the same time, so grateful that I have been able to make the decision(s) myself to what I keep and what I don’t keep and where I go and how.

This is a wonderful campus.  You can go from a 2300 sq. ft. home to a duplex, (Lifestream owns several of these that are out in a community for those who are adjusting to not wanting to have to care for their place any more but still want a house. There are various sized apartments on the north campus while still living on your own and maybe even driving still, to moving over to the south campus to apartments of several different sizes, some are 2 bedroom even.  There are Studio and Efficiency apartments.  They both are 420 sq. feet, but designed differently.  For instance, the Studio has a pantry while the Efficiency has a walk-in closet. Nothing is purchased – all are leased.  And you are free to move as you see fit within their guidelines.  I have been 5 months waiting for the right one to open up over here on the south campus.

We have people who have the Long Term Care Insurance (I do) for when needed to those who have only Social Security.  In JT’s it is over $4,000/month. Access is so helpful for those who cannot afford it. We are ALL grateful for where we are and the substance of life here at LifeStream.

When I leave A-8, it will be to go over to JT’s (Assisted Living) or to Cooks (Nursing Home), or literally Home to be with my Lord.

So grateful to my Lord.  He has never once been late, too busy for me or angry with me.  Always with me, wanting my praise and thankful heart.  “I want you to trust Me in your times of trouble, so that I can rescue you and you can give me the praise” (Psa. 50:15b).

If you do not and don’t want, to have the Lord in your life I feel sorry for you.  You are the loser. There may come a day when you may be all alone and you could have a relationship with Him.  But only if you know Him as your Lord and Savior.  Don’t pass eternity by for something that makes you “feel” good. What is temporal can be blind-siding.  If it “feels” good, it ain’t.  It is never too late, until it’s too late.

In His Hands eternally.  Marge

“O Lord, our Lord.  How excellent is Thy name in all the earth…”  (Psa. 8:1a).

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