To my dearest of Readers~~~~

I remember well, when I was teaching ladies bible studies that I would give my husband my notes to critique and often he would say, “just remember darling, what you say can come back to haunt you and you may have to eat your words”.  Now this is not a threat of any kind –  NOT AT ALL.  He was clearly speaking that as you think – as you put on paper – as you deliver – – – – you better know in your heart that you live that way or moving toward that kind of life.  My husband was so wise – so kind – so sensitive and may I repeat, so wise.

Ladies – it is now my time to say I am reaping bible studies that I once taught.  lol. This is the weekend when I need to get rid of a lot of things that I KNOW I am going to use – I just KNOW IT!!!  Buttttttt – haven’t used these things in over ten to twelve years.  You know where I am headed with this don’t you!!!!

I have one big storage box full of paper napkins, doilies, and six or seven flannel backed, or plastic tablecloths that are one of a kind and I couldn’t find if I wanted to, today.  I am not going to bore you with other items – the end results are all the same.  The storage box must be almost totally deleted because I will never again have the opportunity to prepare even as I have other years for my g’children and holiday season evening together with them.  It is over.  It is done.  How do I move on when my head is about twelve years younger than my body.  I have had to give up a lot for this move.  But I also know that what I have, no one wants, I have already seen that with things I have already given to others.  So the dilemma continues in my heart.

Decided that I would look to the Word.  I have taught that our answers for all of life are there.  Sure I have!!!!  But that is for you, isn’t it!!  Not me!!  I have it all together in all ways!!!!!!!! Except right now – – I am falling to pieces……just…like….YOU have many times too.  So it is time-out time for me.

(back from time-out)). When my husband first left to be with the Lord, the Lord gave me oodles of His Word to hang on to.  I thought perhaps I would travel back in time and make a stop at various verses to see which one might apply since God’s Word DOES work in all areas of our living.  And yes~~~~~my eyes had their brakes applied in the Book of Isaiah.

“Do not call to mind the former things, nor ponder things of the past.  Behold, I~~~~~”

The take-over verse.  “I”.  God is the great “I”.  I am not to concern myself so much with what I want to hang on to as what He wants to do in my life and for my life.

The “former things”~~~~wonderful evenings of sharing our home with guests, with lovely decorations, lovely tables and delightful food.  Yes.  I had that.  Now I have the memories of it all and believe it or not, I can smile.  Because some ladies – a lot of ladies out there – – never had all of those “things” to begin with and I did.

Thank you Lord for giving me the memories from other times.  Don’t let me hang on to them so tightly that I strangle what You are doing in my life right now.

Ladies – He IS all-sufficient in all ways for all things that encompass our daily lives.  In the end it is the great “I AM” that will make the difference in our lives and in our living. So it is continuation-time for clearing out things that aren’t necessary any more.

Encompassed in His Agape Love.  Marge


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